07 April 2017 @ 10:12 pm
20170407 - Asia On Tour feat. Miyavi report  
I went to Asia On Tour feat. Miyavi at the Fillmore in San Francisco last night with some old friends from high school! I wasn't thinking about going at first, but after [livejournal.com profile] yararanger said I totally should, I went ahead and bought a ticket two days before the event, since I was going to be able to carpool. 

The four of us were talking about how we were curious about the other two groups headlining the show, Slot Machine and Kiha & The Faces. We wondered what they would be like, and we are pleased to say we really enjoyed them! Kiha & The Faces had a really soul/rock Korean music kind of feel to their songs. It was very different and I liked it a lot. Kiha wore a shirt that parodied the KIA car logo and the back of his shirt said Self 0. He was very funny. He doesn't dance much, but he takes the stage in a very unique way. Before he started "The Smell's Gone", he told us all to sing "papapapa" .. (the chorus line as I later found out in the music video), saying it didn't matter if we got it right or not because it was just a sound, not words. But then later he said he lied to us and that it was Korean. For "내 사람", he then told us he wanted to say a Korean phrase, "nae salam" which meant someone important to you?? So we sang it on cue. All the songs were very fun.

I wasn't familiar with Kiha & The Faces and Slot Machine or many of Miyavi's songs, but after checking them out on Youtube I know some of the set list for the artists went, in no particular order,
Kiha & The Faces
-Some Kind of Relationship in Between
-The Smell's Gone
Slot Machine
-I know, I know
-first song he wrote with his wife
-The Others
-What's My Name
-a cover song??

Now I'm checking out Kiha & The Faces' other works and it's interesting to see that each group had a respective fanbase we didn't know about! I know Miyavi was headlining the show, but I think the other two deserved mention in the show description as well. They were great bands and I'm glad they were there to introduce me into this cultural genre of music I hadn't known before.
All in all, I'm glad I went. I can't believe Miyavi is real even now! I don't really know what to say about him, except I couldn't believe anyone could ever perform like he did on stage. I mostly watched his hands but his hairstyle made all the head banging look really cool (he really is nice to look at, I couldn't believe that either). He was absolutely amazing and wild. I got really excited when he started playing "The Others" since that was the only song I recognized in the Miyavi crash course I gave myself before going. I got to stand close enough to see him, but not close enough to high five him. I couldn't help it and snapped a few shots, even though none of them were good. XD

I'm grateful to my friends who let me come with them so I could see this fantastic show!! It was really worth it and I'm so glad we all had a great time. Thanks guys!
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