07 September 2017 @ 08:38 pm
Shabekuri 007 w/ heisei Nobushi Kobushi liveblog  
I watched Heisei Nobushi Kobushi guest on Shabekuri007 on 2011.05.11 on a whim 'cause Neuk linked it to me. I tweeted while watching it. 

This doesn't count as a translation but I might want to brush it up one day. It's a mess and doesn't make sense altogether like this though.
28 August 2017 @ 09:05 pm
I took it easy today and watched the latest episode of Summers Sports. Here's my live... tweet if you will.
LMAO Yahagi starts telling everyone what to do LAMFEAWOFWE "Right, Teacher?"
GEEZ, Yahagi can do anything..
Yay, Mimura was so good at smashing!! OMG I'M SCREAM HE got too excited he yelled "TENNIS IS FUN"
LMAOFEAW OOTAKE taking on the "Air K" challenge because his name also starts with K AAAAAA
omg I'm so sorry Kojima I got way more excited about Ootake's Air K LAMFEAWO UGH...
Wow that guy is amazing, being able to serve underhand?? between his legs LMAO I thought he wouldn't make it.
LMAO OMG If the tennis athlete loses to Ootake and Yahagi she will have to put it on her profile page OMG

As always it doesn't make sense but it means I enjoyed it. I had high tension because Yahagi from OgiYahagi and Summers' Ootake were on the same team. The double-megane here put me in such high spirits. I don't want to watch anymore shows but I'll probably watch part two. I hope Mimura plays some more.

20 August 2017 @ 10:52 pm
QUIZ STAR 2016.11.27  
I'm watching Hikaru GENJI (ok part of them) reunite after 21 years on this show to race each other on skates. This show follows old stars to see where they are now.

You can just tell how happy they are to be together again. Kaa-kun has said time and time again how he'd love to reunite as Hikari GENJI, but who knows what kind of business affairs complicates that =/

(when asked if they can race)
Kaa-kun: We don't really race. We do acrobats and tricks on skates, but we don't challenge each other in speed.

Ariyoshi: "Is that a (Hikari) tattoo on [Osawa's] forehead?"
Atsushi: It's not a tattoo, you idiot. What genius would get a tattoo that says "Hikari" on their forehead?

The comedians the place their bets on which Hikaru GENJI member they think will win.

Osawa: I was hella crushed LMAO

If anything I'm happy Kaa-kun appears quite a bit on variety. It looks like Nakai is starting to appear on some of them too, like Ame-talk..


20 July 2017 @ 09:01 pm
Moya Moya Summers 2 - 071026 Singapore 1  
I want to liveblog watching Moya Moya Summers 2. I started picking it up after seeing all the subbed episodes on J-burogu and found it very fun. I like the manzai duo, Summers a lot. After my trip overseas last summer, I started gaining an interest in travelling in general so watching travelling shows is something I'm starting to do a lot. XD

Well, I haven't watched a lot of Moya Moya Summers yet, but I did start with a Paris one since my friend came back from Paris recently when I grabbed it. Then I found out they shot in Vietnam, so I went and watched that. Then I grabbed Singapore because I thought I was going to go this year. BUT AS I WAS WATCHING SINGAPORE I found out they had done a location shoot in Singapore 5 years before! So I kind of want to watch it in order! Thanks to gaki-no-tsukai forums, I found a site that has many older episodes of variety shows available for stream. I found a Moya Moya Summers one and the Singapore episode I was looking for from 2007 and am working my way through it right now.

Anyway, I decided instead of livetweeting nonsense as I've been doing, I'll take it to a blog for now. I'll just go ahead and jump in where I left off.

+After seeing merlion, they went to a gift shop to look for merlion goods.
Mimura shows Ootake a hat with merlion on it, saying "Isn't this a good pattern?"
Ootake: This part isn't good though *points at the merlion stitching*

+They're trying to go into "Snow City" but they're confused at how there are metal doors. The first metal door opened and there's alreadya  temperature difference. Ootake shouts out, "Wait hold on this is no good I have a lot of skin exposed!"
On that note though, Ootake in a tank top?! Very distracting. He's not fit or anything, but I kind of like his build. And this was 10 years ago, so it's OK for me to say so about a 40 year old, right?

+Poor Oe is slipping on the ice 'cause she's wearing high heels!! Summers are catching her LMAOFEWA

That's it for Part 1! I'll probably continue with part 2 later when I can. ^^