21 January 2011 @ 10:45 pm
Too tired to focus on schoolwork..  
My dad's coming back from Thailand tomorrow! .. Not that I'll get to see him, since I'm over here at university, but how can I not celebrate in the joy of what I hope will be a safe return? He's bringing my sister and I back some gifts, so I'm always happy to know we're in his thoughts.

My younger cousin told me a little while ago that my grandmother (on my dad's side) is hospitalized! I hope she'll be okay. I was later told by another cousin that she's doing fine, so that's a relief. I always get so worried whenever someone has to go to the hospital.

I tried to study some ochem, but now I'm just plain tired. I thought I'd share some art, since I thought I should show a particular someone who no longer frequents the sites I post my art on my recent doodles. That and I thought I'd do something like this, since [livejournal.com profile] avodkabottle   has been doing it for some time. Although mine won't be as neat or pretty. Or large. =B

Ahahahah. I don't want to admit too fast that it's Tsubasa from that D+R '11 clip, but I tried. XD I wonder if [livejournal.com profile] ars_arcanium  will be proud of me for drawing a stache. ={D That said, this look makes beautiful Tsubasa look oooold, but whatever. It's still a fun challenge to try out. n____________N

Neopets-related. My friend, [livejournal.com profile] may_sensei  is putting some of her pets ufa and I thought about applying for her plush shoyru, and while I have a small idea, I just can't come up with a design. e_e; My motivation died right here.
I saw two guys as I was heading off to class today that I thought looked peculiar enough to attempt to draw. Maybe I'll post it in the Davis community if I add to this to see if anyone might recognize these guys, ahah. I realize it's a terrible shortcoming that I'm unable to draw realism, but it's also convenient in that I can just pay attention to a few features that I can remember to draw. Is this flattering or creepy?


Right, I've been a little slow with messages and all that, but I'm really grateful for all the friending and kind messages. I'm tired, as most people are, so I haven't found the energy to respond quite yet. ^^;
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