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Hika ([personal profile] hikarii) wrote on April 3rd, 2012 at 09:48 pm
I consider myself a pretty lucky person, 'cause things tend to go my way!
I hate it when I spill a cup of water. It's such a waste! I let it sit, too, to let nature take its course in letting it evaporate. XD

I left for my first class of the day 10 minutes earlier than I normally would to buy a few scantrons from the bookstore. An email I received yesterday from the professor of the class said that we would have a quiz on the first day of class. No way! I got to class on time, though. The class, called Food, Folklore, and Health, seems pretty fun! We learn about things like how shellfish shouldn't be consumed in any month without the letter 'R' in it (e.g. August) and how honey is dangerous as a sweetener in baby formula. There was quite a bit of attendance checking procedures, though. We were to fill out a questionnaire and sign the back of the quiz when we turned it in to secure our spot in the class. Anyone who didn't wasn't going to be considered as registered! I knew some frazzled students, if they're anything like me, would forget to bring a scantron, so sure enough, I handed out some of my extras. I quite like the professor for this class. She has a really gentle air about her and she seems to love the subject.

After that was my Population and Ecology class. When Professor Gaylord introduced his name, I immediately wondered if other students might be having the same wonderment as I did. He is a very serious-looking man by nature. He does not hesitate in making full use of his teaching hour. I really liked how prompt he was, and his handwriting on the chalkboard. In fact, I was admiring how neat his letters were and how he didn't flinch even as the chalk broke several times while he wrote. I also quite like his.. I don't know if I can call it a sense of humor because he didn't really crack jokes, but the things he laughed at, I thought it was very characteristic of him. I was also incredibly inspired when he told us that he and Professor Williams both drive 2 hours both ways to go to the university's marine biology lab, saying, "I'm not telling you this so you can weep for us, but we both really love teaching." It was at that moment I couldn't help but think that these are some wonderful people who love their job before me. I hope I can work hard in this class!

I got back to my apartment after both classes and spent another half hour reading my "Getting into Medical School" book I borrowed from the library. There's still things I'm not quite sure how to handle, but it has been very useful in informing me on what I to do. I definitely know the "Don'ts," but it's always useful to get the extremely helpful tips.

Around 2:30 PM I went and met up with the guy I was going to carpool with some others to go to an internship orientation in a city about 20 minutes away. It was kind of funny because... Well, we got there okay! It was a really long orientation and we got back okay. I'm extremely bummed out that I don't get a yellow polo volunteer shirt because I'm assigned to the surgical department in my internship! I get a loaned scrub. )=

I'm pretty nervous for my internship, which starts next week. There's a lot of precautions to take, like always washing hands and changing gloves so as to not spread germs to different patients and protecting the patients' privacy by never commenting on their concerns. I also hope the people I'll be working for like me! I just really want to be able to do the job right! I'm really hoping though, that.. I'll like working at the clinic. I'll find out soon enough!
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