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Hika ([personal profile] hikarii) wrote on February 13th, 2011 at 09:19 pm
I had an incredibly tiring, event-filled, fun weekend.
The Pokemon B/W Tour was here in SJ !! I went on both days, much to everyone's (including my own) surprise. Sunday's visit was totally last minute and decided on the fly.
Saturday was the first day. My mom, sister, and I arrived at the mall at around noon and the parking lot was full-- moreso than on Christmas! We drove around to the back to look for a parking space when I noticed the Pokemon B/W Tour Truck! I started spazzing for some reason unknown-- probably because spotting it made it seem more real. My mom had us get closer to take a picture, then we headed inside the mall. (I'd upload it here, but it's on my mom's phone. When she sends it to me, I'll update!) We found the information booth a bit further in, and that's when we learned of the stamp rally and began our search!

I'll be blunt and admit that when I went on the first day, I thought the event was kind of lame. XD The stamp rally was fun, (My mom got really into it and gave my sister a hard time for walking so slow and making poor plans to cover the entire mall) but while standing in the hour long line, I thought the whole thing was kind of pointless. There would only be one prize for each of us after all this! Even after my sister and I decided we'd stand in line for the B/W game demo for the Zekrom and Reshiram pins, the entire event just involved a lot of waiting for some seriously spiffy freebies. Even the kiosk that sold plushies had a line! Gamestop's Celebi giveaway didn't really involve waiting, and neither did the photo on the green screen. XD

I picked up Snivy for[livejournal.com profile] israfel84
The phone charm was my wheel spin prize. The Tepig and Snivy styli were my sister's and my mom's.

My sister reaaaally wanted the patch (or plush.. one of those would have been cool), and I felt really bad about it so I asked my parents if we could go to Oakridge again on Sunday before I headed back to university if time allowed for it. Surprisingly, they let me! In fact, they rushed to get ready and leave as early as possible. I was the slow one. XD

I forget how funny my parents can be. Again, my mom rushed us to get all the stamps so we could get in line. This time we had a plan, but even so..

The line was already long! In fact, it stretched further back than where we were on Saturday! Well, we had time before I had to leave, so we all stood in that line. I asked a girl that stood in front of me if she'd trade Pokemon with me, and she gave me a nice Persian for my Eevee. *w* I'll treasure her generosity!

Oh! So when we got halfway through the line, some event organizers came up to us with a proposition. Since the line was so long, they'd offer us our choice of the limited prizes we could pick so we could leave the line and be off on our merry way. This was where my sister got to get her desired Pokemon patch!

My dad got excited when we got to the wheel, hahah. He was like, "Wow, we're already there?" When the event lady stamped my hand for completion, she remarked that I was awfully smiley for someone who's been waiting an hour in line. ^^; Then the guy maintaining the spinning wheel called me 'Supergirl'. (I'm wearing a blue Superman-esque T-shirt!) I feel like such a kid, but I'm happy. XD Well, my dad won another patch (after asking the lady if he could spin again) and I got an Oshawott stylus, which completed our stylus set of the starters. I forgot what my sister got, but I think my mom got her own patch set, which she was incredibly happy about. Then we stopped by the Pokemon Center kiosk again, since my parents were very hyped up about it and allowed me to buy my own Snivy. ^^; I asked the lady if she could double bag, and she was incredibly kind enough to give me one of each kind of bag. (X
I think it was more fun on Sunday! Saturday was really tiring, but being with my family and doing everything together really made it feel like a special event. My parents are sooo funny. When I bought Snivy, they noticed Pikachu was out of stock. On the way to the parking lot my mom was wondering why anyone would even buy Pikachu-- he's so old! Then mom and dad, who were trailing behind me and my sister, were discussing about how there were so many children who were into Pokemon-- a franchise that's been around before they were born. They're growing up not knowing the original 150 like we did.

On other non-Pokemon related news...

After we returned from the Pokemon B/W Tour on Saturday, we had a huge family reunion dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a 7 course meal for Chinese New Year. I was pretty disappointed that I could still eat more at the end, though. XD My sister got to dress up all nice and pretty, so I'm glad for her. I finally got to see my childhood friend and discuss a little about school with her and.. I was the last winner for the raffle that only adults could answer! (My cousin's cousin was totally telling me the raffle was for adults, and I had to restate that I was 20.) My name was being pronounced wrong by the announcers, but I corrected them when I went up. The prize was a SuperLotto Plus ticket that didn't win me anything, though. But hey, it's winning the raffle that's fun!

When I got back to my apartment, I got some incoming packages. ^^; That's always fun!

Oooh, and my sister drew me a super wonderful picture of my deaaarrr Ted from Suikoden I/IV. I always liked him for some reason-- even though he was absent after a few minutes into the first game. XD He's definitely ranked at one of the slots at the veerrry top of my favorites in my mind! I didn't know if I should share it or not, 'cause it's her art, BUT HECK IT'S MY EARLY BDAY PRESENT AND I WISH TO SHARE IT BECAUSE I LOVE IT (and my sister) SO.

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