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Hika ([personal profile] hikarii) wrote on May 6th, 2010 at 11:16 am
It hasn't even been 6 hours since I've been awake and I've already had a lot going on...
The sudden influx of entries from me might be alarming, but that's only because some pretty important things are happening to me right now and I want to be able to reflect on them in the future. ^^;

I apologize because this is about school, and the thing about the education system is that it's different all around the world, so if I write about something that doesn't make sense or sound familiar your school life, it's because of that difference. I can definitely clarify or explain if you wish to hear more!

In short, I took a "different" path (went to community college), so the closest thing I can relate to that might be the same everywhere is that I'm a "second year college student". This lingo will certainly change, and soon I shall be able to call myself as a university student. Bear with this strange mystery for now!

I had an appointment with the counselor today because I had a question about "graduation" and AP scores in general. I was a little worried on how much about myself I would have to explain, since I set up an appointment with a counselor who was different from the one I had been visiting previously. Her schedule just did not match up with mine, so I had no choice!

To my surprise, the new counselor lady I saw today kind of heard about me, because apparently she knew about the other counselor filing a Transfer Agreement Guarantee for me. She sees them all and coordinates them before she sends them out. Wow, I thought. What a small world! At least, in this small community college. Sure, it's small, but I can still be surprised about things like that!

Anyway, I got to ask about what graduation was, and it's just when you take enough classes to earn a two-year degree. I missed the deadline to apply for that, but I knew I didn't have enough classes to get an A.S. Biology degree*. I plan to transfer soon, too, so I knew I wouldn't be able to take that class at the Gavilan (the community college I attend) site. She then told me that I could still take a class similar to the one I'm missing at UC Davis (when I transfer there) and come back to "graduate" from Gavilan with that very degree! I don't know how to explain it anymore, but I was.. happy to hear that. Now I can definitely transfer without having anything to hold me back!

After that was a bunch of congratulations, so all I could say was thank you. XD I went next door to tell the nurse who had given me my tuberculosis shot that I was going to transfer to UC Davis, since she wanted to know about where I was going. More congrats. 8D

I can't believe I'm really going somewhere. It's really exciting. More than anything, I'm impressed with the amount of capable people within Gavilan's staff. When I asked if my transcript would send to UC Davis by July 15th, the counselor told me the lady in charge of doing that does everything in her power to make the deadline. She even comes in on weekends-- she's very well aware of the deadline. That counselor was pretty impressive, too. The nurse is super nice, and the good sir I have to send my internship application to are all really nice. Everyone's working really hard for me, and I am very grateful. I hope I can be the kind of person other people can rely on, too. ^^;

This just makes me feel even more guilty about being a whiny brat to everyone I care a lot about lately, particularly my family. I know it's what families do, but I want to thank them for putting up with me. It's fine for me to have a childlike heart, I think, but I also throw childlike tantrums, which isn't good at all!

*I was able to apply for a Natural Sciences A.S. degree, but since I missed the deadline and I can take the course elsewhere, I'd rather go for the Biology degree. ^^;
I went to RadioShack afterwards to buy some wire I needed to make an electric motor for physics. Now I have to write my cover letter for that internship and do some homework!

Oh yeah, my planner has been saying some funny stuff that makes me think about life. This week in particular, some of the quotes printed on it are...

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do" -- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
"Don't worry about all the things you want to do-- just do them!"
"There is a time for planning and preparation, but then action must follow for anything to be accomplished."

I won't relate them to my life just yet because this has gotten long again, but maybe I shall in a few days!

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