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Hika ([personal profile] hikarii) wrote on May 4th, 2010 at 07:16 pm
Sometimes I really do realize how busy I am...
I got to end my tutoring shift early today because the math class I tutor for was having a test. I'm glad because now I have a bit more time to do some homework that will be due tomorrow. Except now I'm incredibly exhausted. The chemistry lab I had today took the full 3 hour time slot. My group was totally the last ones out.. All because the stupid electrolytic cell contraption thing wouldn't work properly!

I turned in my application to intern at a research lab over the summer. I found out about it kind of late, but the kind sir I handed it to told me I needed to get a resume, my unofficial transcript, and a letter of interest stating why I'd be a good intern candidate. When he told me this, my initial feeling was, "Whaaat? There's more I have to do?" but when he told me he'd tryt o get everything done within the next few days, I knew I couldn't dwell on that thought any longer.

Some people are just really amazing. They surprise me with what they're wiling to do to help me get things done. My UC Davis Transfer Agreement Guarantee would not have been made possible without the efforts of my counselor, who pushed to get everything done three days before the deadline! (I found out about that late, too). And now this kind sir.. I can't let anyone's efforts to help me go to waste. I'm really grateful. I'll do my best!

I've been wanting to talk about college, but I haven't gotten the time to. Even now, I don't think I can give proper details, but I feel opted to, since [livejournal.com profile] rurun did tell me to let her know what happens with me an college when I can. I received my formal acceptance from UC Davis two weeks back, and I sent my intent to register a few days ago. Already I've signed up for orientation and am working to have transcripts sent. It's exciting! I'm really going somewhere!

I'll end it here because I've got stuff to do and it's gotten a liiittle lengthy! I try very hard to keep my life story short so as to not bother/bore anyone. (My sister says no one wants to read long entry posts. I believe her, but I can't help it!)

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