06 February 2011 @ 10:08 pm
In reality I didn't do THAT much today.  
Here's stuff about life )

Oooh, guys, guess what I just found out about?

I SO need to go home this weekend! I'm already looking for carpools back to SJ. XD I was wondering what everyone at [livejournal.com profile] pkmncollectors was up about !! I had to go and Google it. Now I'm just spreading the word around so potential fans don't miss out on a fun event. I know I'd be devastated if it happened at a mall 30 minutes away from me and I didn't know about it! Check out pictures here and here! It looks like a really fun event. Go for the free stuff, at the very least! I think my sister will hate me if I wore my Ash cap and brought my Pikachu plush. XDD

On one final note, I'll finish up with this!
'cause you know, sometimes bandwagons are fun to join in, even though you don't really care for the true results!

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02 February 2011 @ 04:25 pm
Time to study for Ochem!  

If I let you borrow my pen, please don't chew on it. First of all, it's my pen, and second of all.. It's not my pen..
I found a pen today on the ground and was just reminded of a true story that really happened.

I've been playing Pokemon again )
To those who are worried about my studies.. I draw before class starts. XD
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01 February 2011 @ 10:00 pm
I'll never believe some people...  

That's the only interesting thing that I can think of that happened today. I drew in my planner, so forgive the numbers and days. XD
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