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2017-08-16 10:12 am
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[Journeys in Japan] 2016.08.03 Day 1 - Odaiba, Shibuya + Akihabara

Facebook's "On this day" informed me it's been exactly a year since my friends and I went to Japan in the summer. I never took the time to write about my trip and as this year's summer draws to a close, I thought I should try and write about it. I had a really great time in Japan and I don't want to forget it. Looking at the photos Facebook showed me taken a year ago today, I've already begun to feel like I've forgotten what went on, so I better get to it!

I've started this entry a few times, but we did so much on our first day that it was a lot to remember and write about! I just didn't have the time. Today, I made sure to finish it once and for all! From here on, I will post the days in order up until our final day in Japan.

Without further ado, the entry for the OFFICIAL DAY 1 IN JAPAN!!

We got on a few trains that took us to Odaiba where went to Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty. This was a place one of my friends has always wanted to go to in place of another Hello Kitty themed place that closed down when she was in Japan the last time.

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I ordered a cheesecake 'cause I'm craving sweets. Look at the cute kitty art!!

We had to leave to catch the train to Asakusa. After a certain time the trains wouldn't run anymore. We dropped into our bunks to get ready for day 2 at Tokyo Disney Sea!

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2017-08-14 12:26 pm

[Journeys in Japan] 2016.08.14 Roppongi Hills + One Piece Tower

Facebook's "On this day" informed me it's been exactly a year since my friends and I went to Japan in the summer. I never took the time to write about my trip and as this year's summer draws to a close, I thought I should try and write about it. I had a really great time in Japan and I don't want to forget it. Looking at the photos Facebook showed me taken a year ago today, I've already begun to feel like I've forgotten what went on, so I better get to it!

8/14 was the second to last day of our two week stay in Japan. I'm starting with this day and will try to move forward with the days and then backtrack. So many things happened on each day that I feel each can have their own theme anyway!
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2016-06-15 06:35 pm
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Visiting Vietnam

All right, after years of refusing to go every time my dad went to Vietnam, I finally went this year since I am completely free for the summer. In the middle of the trip we visited Thailand for my dad's business trip, which I have written about here.
First and Second Day
Upon arriving in Ho Chi Minh City I was welcomed with an immediate rush of humid heat. I found it hard to breathe and wondered how I would make it through the entire two weeks if it was already this hot on my first day. As we left the airport and looked at the city buildings flying past us as we traveled by car, I could see numerous buildings typical of a bustling city. The streets were populated with motorbikes. I hear a lot that there are no road rules here and seeing that in truth is terrifying. Even the car we rode in had no seat belts. I was very confused and concerned about that fact for awhile.

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2016-06-15 06:17 pm
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Trip to Thailand!

I went to Thailand over the weekend! Funny enough I was kind of using this post from the [livejournal.com profile] 2wenty_2wo community to plan my trip. I thought it would lead me to discover some exciting things and food, since the LJ users responding were all natives. XD Well, I didn't follow it exactly, but I did have quite the adventure!

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2016-04-23 09:07 am
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Short weekend in Portland/Seatle

Breakfast at IHOP, since we were starving upon our arrival into PDX at 8 AM. We hit the road, making our way towards the city's highest bridge.

We headed straight for southern Portland to check out the Air Tram, thinking we'd start our trip with an aerial view of the city. I could see a lot of the bridges that connected Portland and Mt. St. Helen. 

Afterwards we headed for Downtown Portland where we stopped by the Alder Street Food Cart Pods. I had read that Portland is very famous for its food carts that run throughout an entire block. I got a Spanish Seafood Paella from a Morrocan stall and my dad and I had the most delicious deep fried soft-shelled crab. It was very tasty!

Alder Street Food Cart Pods

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2015-08-08 10:36 am
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Weekend Trip to Reno, Nevada

I went to Reno, Nevada for a 2-day trip last month. I had the week off and I wanted to go out and do something out of town, so I went on a road trip there along with my dad and sister. It's been some years since we last visited there.

It was nice! We mostly did sight-seeing, since my sister and I are old enough to appreciate that kind of thing better. The first day we were there, we took a look at the casinos that gave us fond memories. Atlantis had a nice top floor with a sky roof where they served sushi and hosted an oyster bar. I thought it was a nice and calming atmosphere, despite the numerous slot machines scattered all around the bar.

Heck, I'd love to pull slots here.

We visited the El Dorado/Circus Circus/Silver Legacy joint as well. It has always been our favorite place when we were kids. The game floor was always exciting, and winning stuffed animals was always the best. Every time I come here, since I was a kid, I would always hope there'd be giant plush Pokemon as prizes. The number has increased dramatically since. This time, a whole like of giant Pikachu were displayed all around a "knock the blocks" kind of game booth.

We also made a quick trip to the planetarium to look at ACTUAL METEORS FROM SPACE. It was free, but I left some money for donations.

My dad and sister wanted to eat at a buffet, since that is THE thing to do while in Reno for us. We chose to eat a seafood buffet, and it was nice! The dessert bar was beyond anything I had ever seen at a buffet (I don't eat buffets often). All the desserts were so cute! As I went back to get another serving of cheesecake, a man before me asked the chef if he could have a bananas foster.

"What's that?" I ask him, and as he explained to me it was ice cream with bananas and rum, I glanced over at the chef and said, "I'll have what he's having." Oh boy, it was delicious!! I discovered a new favorite dessert and I would love to have it again someday, somewhere. I really regret not having a second helping, but my dad said I had had too many sweets already at that point. XD

I will probably never get to have dessert like this again unless I'm at another buffet. XD

After dinner, my dad and sister wanted to walk off the energy from everything we had eaten, so we took a stroll down Victorian Square nearby. It was really pretty! I wanted to see the train tour the next day, but we couldn't.

Topping off my trip off, we ate at a place called M&M's Fish and Chicken Express. It's a small little shack, but because the food was very different from our usual tastes, we thought we'd give it a try. I mean, it's Southern cooking, and they have frog legs on their menu?! Frog legs have always tasted exactly like chicken to me, as cliche as they always try to pull it off.

The ribs were okay, but the fish and chicken are yuuum!
And that's it! I don't go on trips all that often, and I've been trying to go out and see places more to try and learn how to appreciate that kind of thing. I'm not very outdoorsy at all. XD
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2014-06-17 09:18 pm
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All my exes live in... ??


Hey, all! I just came back spending 4 days in Texas! The last time I’ve been on a plane was probably over a decade ago, when I was a little kid. I decided to go along with my dad because I haven’t really had the experience of travelling by plane.

I ate some pretty good food! My dad and I pretty much drove around to eat wherever when we weren’t working. I don’t think I ever ate so many different Mexican food. El Fenix had the best tostados I have ever had offered to me as appetizers.

I met my dad’s friend’s daughter who just graduated from high school. Apparently she’s only been living here for 2 years! She lived in Vietnam all this time. Her English was really, REALLY good. We talked a LOT, but it was mostly her telling me things since I was so curious about her. She told me about the education system in Vietnam (and how incredibly rigorous it is). It just made me think so much about the relationship between education in the States and other countries… She also told me about a field trip she had with her class back in Vietnam. They went to the jungle and seriously had to do a whole week like a real jungle survivor. … Except she cheated and used a lighter to light a fire she couldn’t get started with rubbing sticks together.

Really though, she’s so cool! She has a completely different upbringing from me so I was very fascinated with her.

I found out she LOVES Darren Shan’s Cirque du Freak. It’s been translated in Vietnamese! Of the 31 languages the series has been translated to, Vietnamese was one of them. Nice! I was so excited to be able to talk about it. I never knew anyone in real life who’s read it before! I didn’t finish all the books, though, and she was kind of spoiling me, hahah!

We went to the mall together, and that was quite a trip. I ended up having to teach how to fill up a gas tank.

In any case, for breakfast this morning, I went to the Old Pancake House and had their special “Dutch Baby”. It’s an oven baked pancake that takes 22 minutes to cook. I didn’t know how to eat it so the waitress showed me. The Dutch Baby doesn’t taste like anything special until you do it right, she said. She rubbed the whole thing with butter and squeezed lemon juice on it, then added powdered sugar. When I took my first bite.. dang! It was really sweet and I really liked it! It was definitely something strange that I’ve never had before.

I’m really going out of order here, but as I went around eating food, I tried to think about what looked easy enough for me to try to do at home for myself. I never, ever cook, but I’m trying to get familiar with a lot of simple stuff I can make. For instance, a breakfast I had at the hotel I stayed at had this delicious healthy sandwich that had slices of turkey, egg white and spinach on top of an English muffin. I think I tasted some cheese but I’m not sure if there was any. In any case, that’s easy enough for me to pull together on my own, right?

I’d like to go on more trips with my dad in the future, but taking time off from work isn’t always possible, so I can only keep my fingers crossed that the months he chooses to go are convenient enough for me!

Ah, my coworker asked if I saw any big bugs as I had hoped, and I remembered I did! It was some weird beetle thing. I had to take care of it 'cause the daughter didn't like bugs. XD

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2013-09-07 08:20 pm
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Saved draft??

I was about to post a journal, but then I saw this in the saved draft. I have no idea what else I was going to say, but I like to keep memories, so I'll go ahead and submit this. -laugh-

Hellooooooo everyonnneeeeee. I am in the city that never sleeps, but as I write this I am drawing very close to incapacitation. I've been running on 3 hours of sleep all day, I just realized.

My aunt from Ohio is having a week-long celebration in Vegas for her wedding, and my family have come for the extended weekend bit. We left in the early hours of the morning and got here in the afternoon. So far my sister and I did sight seeing. We just walked around inside casinos observing the theme of each resort and the pool layout. We bought whatever food we felt like eating, the deciding factor being the coupons we had with us.
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2010-07-05 05:03 pm
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Lured in joining a trip planned at the last minute!

I went deep sea fishing!

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In short, I went on a boat that went around various spots in the Pacific Ocean around the Monterey Bay. We went far enough so as to be completely surrounded by water with no land or buildings in sight. The painful parts of this trip included getting up at 5, the cold AM, and possible seasickness. There was also traffic on the way home. I did manage to catch some fish, and I am definitely happy about that!