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Hika ([personal profile] hikarii) wrote on November 22nd, 2008 at 08:43 pm
Bolol, I don't need this to be private, but I am a little embarrassed that this nearly pointless rant will be seen by people on my friends list. XD

I think I know why I always feel like a kid, still.

It's 'cause all women in love are girls.

And I'm constantly in love. |D I give it, I receive it, I'm thriving in it. Yay.

This kind of thing is usually written during a happy kind of mood, right? Well, I'm not in a super great happy mood right now, but I still think about that kind of thing.

My sister, who happens to be my best friend in the whole world, seems to find annoyance with me lately. My mom, too.

So that got me thinking about what kind of nuisance I am. I like to talk a lot, so it's difficult for me to limit myself in what I want to talk about to my closest friends.

I thought about it, how even I am a pain to even my most favorite people, and decided that if the people around me can't even tolerate me that much, it would be impossible to find someone else who can take all that from me.

Now I'm trying to rethink how I can be a better person. I guess liking to talk because I'm passionate about something is one thing, but being unable to shut up on the subject is another.

I guess in a sense, after thinking about that over, I seem kind of lonely. It's like, I have to talk to myself to keep my own self company. Sure, I know I'm not COMPLETELY alone, but when it comes to another being besides God, it certainly feels like it.

I think it's okay to feel that way. It just makes me feel a little sad that I have to limit myself on something I really like to do just so I don't get on the nerves of the people I care about.

At least love makes me feel better about it. <3 I always feel happy again after wards.
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