15 November 2015 @ 10:04 pm
Tsubasa is too sweet.. Q_Q  
According to this Twit, Tsubasa gave away that necklace he has worn since forever. I remember seeing it about 3-4 years ago around the time T&T came back after a hiatus of sorts of solo-only activities.

Nothing big, I just wanted to say it was an accessory of his I always loved seeing on him. I just thought it was cute how he always remembered to wear it. When I'm drawing him, if he's wearing a shirt with a neckline deep enough, I'll be sure to include it.

I don't care so much that he has given it away, but I'm just overfilled with feelings on how wonderful he is to his fans. I swear, he will give anything he can away (the shirt off his back for once! D&R'09!), He is seriously the sweetest man ever and I really really adore him >_<

I hope we can always remember to be kind too! It's especially important when there is sad news going on!