26 May 2013 @ 10:27 pm
 It's been awhile! I just finished a picture I took awhile to finish and I wanted to go ahead and update with a small art dump while I'm at it. I've been really obsessed with the manga, One Punch Man drawn by Murata Yusuke. It's hilarious, and I highly recommend it. I drew Genos in a suit!

In all honesty I kind of like my black + white version better because it's more him to me, because I'm so used to seeing him in the manga without colors. XD

I drew an Attack on Titan oc a generator concocted for me.

Hikarii: Trainee Squad l hair:Brown l eyes: Gold l height: 158cm l specialty: Strategy.

I've been playing with Tegaki. Here's a piece
 I'm really proud of! It's the little boy from the image you can see on Murata-sensei's One Punch Man page. I'm quite proud of this one!

And who would I be if
 I DIDN'T draw Tsubasa?

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