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Hika ([personal profile] hikarii) wrote on January 25th, 2011 at 06:26 pm
Nothing special about the way I dress or look..
Yet I wonder how people are able to remember my face? I'd be talking to my classmates in one class period, and all of a sudden they'd ask me about another class I'm in. "..? You're in my class?" is how I end up responding. There's over 100 people in the classes I'm in.. how can they possibly remember? I always ask them where they sit, because I really don't notice them. ^^; I mean, it's good to make connections, but HOW? If it's because I came through the door, I don't notice people who enter the classroom, either. XD

Later in the same class this other guy mentions he's seen me in the other ochem class lecture. I then asked him what he was doing there, to which he says, "Looking for you." Funny guy. Good response.

Now I'm just concerned, because how am I supposed to ninja around if people know who I am? My ultimate fear is if this tutor starts noticing I've been showing up to her section every day...
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