13 February 2011 @ 09:19 pm
I had an incredibly tiring, event-filled, fun weekend.  
The Pokemon B/W Tour was here in SJ !! I went on both days, much to everyone's (including my own) surprise. Sunday's visit was totally last minute and decided on the fly.
Pokemon B/W Tour @ Oakridge !! ) 
I think it was more fun on Sunday! Saturday was really tiring, but being with my family and doing everything together really made it feel like a special event. My parents are sooo funny. When I bought Snivy, they noticed Pikachu was out of stock. On the way to the parking lot my mom was wondering why anyone would even buy Pikachu-- he's so old! Then mom and dad, who were trailing behind me and my sister, were discussing about how there were so many children who were into Pokemon-- a franchise that's been around before they were born. They're growing up not knowing the original 150 like we did.

On other non-Pokemon related news...

After we returned from the Pokemon B/W Tour on Saturday, we had a huge family reunion dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a 7 course meal for Chinese New Year. I was pretty disappointed that I could still eat more at the end, though. XD My sister got to dress up all nice and pretty, so I'm glad for her. I finally got to see my childhood friend and discuss a little about school with her and.. I was the last winner for the raffle that only adults could answer! (My cousin's cousin was totally telling me the raffle was for adults, and I had to restate that I was 20.) My name was being pronounced wrong by the announcers, but I corrected them when I went up. The prize was a SuperLotto Plus ticket that didn't win me anything, though. But hey, it's winning the raffle that's fun!

When I got back to my apartment, I got some incoming packages. ^^; That's always fun!

Oooh, and my sister drew me a super wonderful picture of my deaaarrr Ted from Suikoden I/IV. I always liked him for some reason-- even though he was absent after a few minutes into the first game. XD He's definitely ranked at one of the slots at the veerrry top of my favorites in my mind! I didn't know if I should share it or not, 'cause it's her art, BUT HECK IT'S MY EARLY BDAY PRESENT AND I WISH TO SHARE IT BECAUSE I LOVE IT (and my sister) SO.

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06 January 2011 @ 08:27 pm
Seriously? Too many decisions to make at the beginning!  
This is a long one!

One of the first things I did after starting classes again was to check my grade for last quarter, and boy, was I incredibly disappointed. All my grades were a full grade below what I expected to get! I thought I'd get at least a B+ in Bio and Human evo, but nooo, I got a C+. My organic chemistry grade was really low. That worried me straight off the bat because I don't know what this will mean..

It's not much of a dilemma anymore since I've made my decision, but... )

I went to an Organic Chemistry workshop today after buying a Genetics textbook from a student for $50 and met someone new. I noticed her drawing during the teacher, but she also helped me out when I was confused on a concept. We talked for a bit, then parted ways. I might see her again. She seems really nice.

Speaking of which, my mom worries about how I might feel lonely. She called me around 6 PM to ask why I wasn't online. I told her I was standing in line for a basketball game to try and be one of the first 500 people to get a free T-shirt. She asked if I wanted a T-shirt so badly that I'd stand out in the cold like that, but then asked if I went with my housemate. I didn't. She hoped I was having fun at least, otherwise I shouldn't do things like that. I told her that I was-- even if I go alone, I talk to people a lot so it's very easy for me to make quick friends. (Until I lose their name, contact, etc.)

Anyway! The game! Upon entering, it was pretty amazing. I've never seen a basketball game before, so the whole court layout and getting into the stands was already and interesting experience. It was UCD vs UCSB.. and apparently the coach for UCSB used to be at UCD. Even though the announcer told us to give him a warm welcome back... Well.. You can guess we were bewildered why he left! Their team looked pretty good, too.. I never booed, but I sure did cheer! The bad was pretty cool too! School pride right here!

Oh, and I learned something. Next time I do something like this, I should just grab whatever shirt size they have. People were going around handing XX Large and Large shirts, so some people decided to wait for the smaller sizes... and for some reason they never came. I headed down from the stands along with a bunch of other people to complain, and we were informed there was a shortage of shirts. To make it up, however, they'd give us a better Adidas shirt with our school name. It took a very, very long time, though. I was getting really frustrated. Of courrse I was having fun watching the game, but I wasn't going to be happy if I was one of the firsts in line to get a free shirt and didn't get one! I got it in the end, leaving at half-time, and now I'm back here. I wonder who will win! My uni was behind when I left!

All in all, I had a great experience, epiphany (or maybe it was just mere wish-washy thoughts), and met some pretty cool people today. Once again, I wanted to draw, but I didn't get the time to. ^^; I should also learn the Aggie song!
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02 January 2011 @ 10:21 pm
Happy New Year!  
Did 2011 start up with that fresh new year feel everyone tends to yearn for? The new beginning? The clean slate?

It sure didn't for me! New Year's always feels weird to me, like any normal day.. Not to mention my mom's attitude was in the pits, so it wasn't great. ^^;

I wrote a resolution for this year and pulled out last year's to compare. It's a tradition my sister and I have started doing two years ago.

So here's what my 2010 resolution said..
-Keep up w/ daily exercises (hopefully)
-Learn katakana + more JPN vocabulary
-Transfer to a 4 year university + finish up vital courses
-Improve in digital painting.
-Work w/ more traditional art
-Do well in classes!
-Work a little on personal page!
-Take more commissions; improve + raise prices
-Get better at drawing animals (and people!)
-Subtitle more videos!

Looking at this, surprisingly, I think I nailed a good number of them, though the exercises, personal page, and doing well in classes are questionable! Exercises went well.. until summer. Personal page didn't go anywhere, though my dA, LJ, and other sites and blogs sort of did. As for classes.. They got harder, so I don't know if I can keep up! What's "well" anymore?

Actually, the katakana bit is.. I mean, I studied it, but I can't recognize it very well. In regards to commissions, I guess I did improve, but I didn't try selling art again ><"

Wow, I don't know what to say. I did a lot of these, so I think I can feel proud of myself? Gosh, I hope my new list isn't too impossible! I'm debating whether or not to share the new list, since I totally did not look at my 2010 resolution at all after writing it until now, so.. The element of surprise is quite nice.

I do know, however, that I hope to post a bit more on my LJ. I'm quite inspired by [livejournal.com profile] avodkabottle 's regular LJ postings with art and updates on her life and felt.. I should do the same, too. ^^; Let's see how that goes.

I was going to put up some art, but I have to get to bed soon. Hahah..
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14 August 2010 @ 09:10 pm
I usually have a one-track mind..  
This entry might end up being sporadic because I'm not quite sure what I want to focus on. I realized that even if someone's previous journal entry for anything hasn't been updated for a , whether it's on dA or LJ or wherever, that doesn't mean the person is inactive. For all I know, they could still be poking around here and there. I used to think there was no point trying to add someone like that to a friends list, but I have to admit that I'm guilty of doing the same now. I think I blog a lot, but it turns out I don't as much as I'd like to. There have been soe events happening in the past few weeks that I thought about blogging, but I get a little lazy when I actually have to hit "Post a new entry" and.. sit to write about my day.

On Wednesday evening, my mom brought in a good-sized package that [livejournal.com profile] heart283 sent me! She gave me a bunch of T+T, Tackey, TOKIO, and some Kinki Kids CDs and CD/DVDs. She was really, really generous. My sister was the first to open it, so when she peered inside, she shouted out, "Whoooa! That's a LOT!"

Just looking at the collection she gave me made me think about how JE is totally getting rich from their fans. @_@ I knew about this, and I'm a part of it, but wow.. When I think about how many other fans take part in this.. It's scary!

I've already given her my thanks, but I don't feel it's enough-- I want to do more somehow. She wouldn't even let me pay shipping though I was fully willing too. XD My sister said I should draw her something, but I'm a little nervous about that. XD How do people who don't draw feel about receiving art from others? I draw, so I appreciate anything people draw for me, but I don't know if it's the same coming from someone who doesn't.. ^^; But for all I know, she could secretly draw, too. Waah.

In any case, I'll say it again. Thank you so much, [livejournal.com profile] heart283 ! This is one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. My sister and I are really grateful. ^^

I'm just sitting here at grandma's right now, bored. XD My sister starts school again next week.. I don't go until mid September.. HEe. Lucky me, I know. I'm totally enjoying my summer break. ^^ I have to get my presentation about my internship done by Friday, though!

Side note: WHOA! I just accidentally clicked a different link, and by the time I hit back, this post thing was clear! I was about to be all depressed until I hit CTRL + V, and whoo. I saved my entry. Yessss!

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01 May 2010 @ 10:34 pm
I'm being spoiled!  
I feel really bad when a day goes swell for me, 'cause I wonder why I get to be spoiled like so!

This is seriously long, but there are piiictures! )

That's my Zazu and Simba. n_n It turns out Simba goes for like, $20 and Zazu is about $18 on eBay. It must be really special, too, because it's from the Lion King Broadway! I bet you can only get it if you attend the show and its souvenir booths during intermissions! Wow, they must have spent a lot to get their hands on these. ^^; After that, I spent a good hour or two Youtubing "Lion King" and its Broadway Musical. That was some good nostalgia.

Then I took a look at my horse, 'cause I wondered where it was from. (After all, it had "World famous Lipizzaner Stallions" on it!) It had a website listed on its tag, and I paid a visit. Guess what they are? Horses that dance! On stage! I poked around the site looking to see if they had this stuffed one on sale, and I could only find a 2005 one (I have the 2004). It was sold out on that site. On eBay, there's a 2007 one that's going for $17, so I would think mine should be around that range, if not higher. |D

Isn't it cute? XD Of course I went and Youtube'd these ponies, too. I wanted to see them dance!

In short, I had an awesome haul. I feel really lucky. It's pretty amazing what kind of idea you can get of people's lifestyle just looking at their stuff-- even if it's just stuffed animals. It can say a lot about someone's lifestyle! In this case, I felt these neighbors appreciated the finer arts. They watch stage plays AND buy their souvenirs. That's totally high class!

Then this had to come in the mail..

Granted, I don't have a working DVD player yet, but gah. I really did cave in and buy this, but that's fine! It was a sweet deal and.. and I don't regret this. @_@ I popped it in my computer, and I can only say that having the actual DVD makes the experience of watching this THAT much better. |D

The rest of the night, my family helped out at the church to wash dishes from some banquet that was a fundraiser for the Ghana project it's running, and now every single family member of mine is sore. XD I'm tired and I want to head off to bed now!
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13 April 2010 @ 10:14 pm
Short comment of despair and whoo hoo! Suiko III Manga came in the mail!  
This week is going to be nuts for me. It's the week after spring break, and I'm scrambling to get all sorts of homework assignments due done. I'm lucky it wasn't due on Monday, but that just means I have to tread the next few days carefully. I scrambled to put parts of the informative speech I'm presenting tomorrow in communications class tomorrow, and I also have a physics test on that day. I did a little studying, but I may be a little short of confident! I failed my first test, after all. I understand this material a bit more, but who knows. My physics teacher is quite tough with his questions.

I SO did not feel like going to school today, but I did anyway. I didn't even want to go back to tutor when I went home for a short break! An incredible uplifting thing happened, at the very least. I got my check for tutoring last month and..

The Suikoden III manga I bought came in today! I'm so happy. XD I never got to play Suiko III (I lack a PS2), but I have played I, II, and Tierkreis. I know [livejournal.com profile] avodkabottle hasn't played any, but she has the manga. Now that I have some of the volumes, I'm really happy. I've been wanting to read/buy these, but they were like, $10! 

I should let [livejournal.com profile] dazat know I got them when I can! She was selling six volumes for $2 a piece, or all for $10. I went ahead and took the deal, and she did free shipping. This is really wonderful. I never owned manga before, and this is really quite a steal.

I doodled a bit today, but it's unfinished. I'll probably put it in a picspam when I can. Right now I'm just tooo busy @_@;

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12 March 2010 @ 11:31 pm
Oh look, I actually went OUT!  
I have to get to bed soon so I can't make this long, but after I picked up Tomo from school, I drove us to McDonald's and bought us two McChicken sandwiches. Then we went over to Gamestop to pick up our free Jirachi and place a pre-order for the new Pokemon game Tomo. I really want her to get Soul Silver-- I wouldn't feel complete if only -I- got Heart Gold! I mean, we got almost every version out so far! The employee was such a nice guy. I felt bad 'cause he said he was a fan of the series, but he wasn't going to buy because he had no Nintendo DS. When Tomo asked him why, he said he was just cheap. I can totally relate. I thought it was kind of interesting that someone like him would say that, though.

After that I took Tomo to the craft store and she bought some fabric remnants on sale. Then we stopped to get some frozen yogurt. We hit Ross' and bought some clothes. XD I only carried 20 bucks with me which was enough to buy us food and pay for the clothes I wanted to buy, but Tomo had to get a total of $8, so I had to take out the debit card.

Anyway, it was just kind of fun and I wanted to write about it before I hit the sheets. If anyone knows me, they know I hardly ever leave the house to do something fun. I'm boring, but that's okay. I like to take my sister places if she really wants, since she's not like me. It was our first time to really go places and do things ourselves. My car only gets to chill in the school parking lot and my driveway. XDD We were out of the house for three hours! In this city with few things to do!

I know I tell people that replies to comments are not necessary, but there are a few of you I'd like to say more than just "Thank you" or "Hello, how are you doing?" I promise I'll get to it once school gets off my back! I'm sooo stressed/pressured. By the way, stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Isn't that interesting? 
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24 February 2010 @ 06:24 pm
Happy Birthday to me~  
Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to post another entry to show activity because I haven't answered all the comments and friend's journals waiting in line. ^^a Please forgive me for today. It's my birthday and I just wanted to document it! I'm going around on every journal I have to spread the news! I don't mean to be obnoxious-- I'm just happy and I want to share my glee. n_n

I turned 20 today, and because of the school I go to, I get comments like "Oh, you're just a baaaby!" because the age difference among students is vast. But online on sites like Neopets, I'm an oldie compared to 13 year olds. XD! No matter, the other older Neopet players experience the same! For me, it's another year of growth. I don't really feel old or young. ^^ Here goes to another!

Have I any plans? )
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06 February 2010 @ 09:29 pm
Long post, aho!  
Oh, where to start? I'll try to keep it short, and I already know that this "short" will end up being pretty long anyway.

I'll start off with this thing I drew for Anna. XD! I seriously wanted to post and make a request on her journal entry, but I was too lazy to get my refs at the time. I have them now, but I think she's done with taking those requests? o3o; Regardless, more than anything, I wanted to draw her white potato *who I am not sure of its gender, and whether if that is her persona/fursona kind of deal* and that RAINBOW CHOCOBO that ended up looking more like an oversized parrot.

So like, I chanced upon my old gallery at Side 7. I've always been amazed at the fact that they kept my account there for so long. I logged on to see when I signed up-- back in 2002! That's well before I ever got an account at Deviantart. Wow, that's like, the oldest evidence I have of me ever aiming to post my art online. At the age of 12 years old! I was probably really shy about it at the time, because I have nothing uploaded from that year. For old time's sake, I'll upload a carbon copy of my artwork there from time to time.

I was also going to include another doodle once I got to it, but it seems math homework occupied some of that art time. This is so irrelevant, but I'm looking for art of one of these guys for Valentine's. 8D I'll even offer to art trade with anyone for it!! (Even though I shouldn't!) This is actually a repost of my reply to a Valentine's Art Exchange, so apologies that I jump around and throw random links.

1) Zaefis and Sarri as friends, but I'm pretty sure Alice is into fluffy/lovey-dovey stuff, so if you can pull it off, surprise us. We need a good laugh.

2) Zombb and Ina: Zombb has a HUUUUUGE crush on Ina. Don't know how Ina feels about him, though. XD Surprise me again!

3) I don't know if this will work, but.. This guy and this girl: They're not on good terms with each other, and if you choose to draw these clothes, they need to be kids, otherwise if you want them as older, I only have a the girl as a chibi. Make up something for the guy. And if you're not creative, I guess she could be tending his wounds. -shrug-

4) Super with either Odin or Shin. Odin and Super are best friends, and there's nothing between them, so the typical adorable best friend thing. If you draw her with Shin, Shin's the type that's "I-like-you-but-you-annoy-me". I don't know if that's much to go on, but hey. XD

5) Odin and Emylii. (X

6) Eindie and Skullies as loooovers. If you're feeling like doing something super romantic, this is the way to gooo. 8D (Skullies'  colors and an additional ref

Last but not least, I want to say a quick hello to all the new people who've added me on LJ. For whatever reason you added me, whether it was to get to know me better, or to take a peek at my hobbies, or anything, I'm really glad. My LJ is already public from the beginning, and you guys watching me means you're interested in updates! @_@; I hope I don't bore you with my terribly long posts!

I'd break this post up over the course of the past few days, but.. school.. XD

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06 November 2009 @ 07:32 pm
Yay! UC Davis TAG!  
I filed a Transfer Agreement Guarantee with my counselor two months ago. It was really late and all, but I managed to get it in, courtesy of my very kind counselor. Today, I just got an email that I was approved! I believe this means I have a guaranteed spot to major in Biology at University of California Davis, one of the three UCs I applied to when I was a senior in highschool and got rejected! Now that I might be able to attend, I'm excited, but at the same time, I'm a little anxious.

Back in highschool, I applied for UC Merced and UC Berkeley as well. Berkeley rejected me, but Merced accepted me. At the time, I didn't know what Merced had for me, and I basically knew nothing about universities. I just applied for what I heard was good, and Merced was just close to one of the houses we owned in that area. I decided to attend a community college close to home instead for two main reasons.

1) The first was that I wasn't sure where I wanted to go, really. The college process was pushed on me so hard and I didn't understand quite the impact of whatever college I would pick. I figured I'd attend a CC to help me realize my ambitions, which I did. I'm very happy with my choice.

2) Second, the first two years of undergraduate education is the same everywhere, or so I heard. It would be much cheaper if I did my two years at CC.

My time at community college so far as been a rough path, but I finally realize what I want to do and what I have to do to get there. My confidence has been busted several times along the way, but now.. Hahah, well, let's just say I learned a lot more about myself than I ever did in the past 1 1/2 year. I feel really.. accomplished somewhat.

But it's too early to celebrate! There's still lots of things to do! I just felt I had to post about this because I'm happy! There were many points post-high school where I really thought I screwed up my future, but I know that's not so. Life is long enough for us to make mistakes and make up for them. (X

I wonder how I should go about thanking my counselor. I don't speak to her often, and I'm afraid of her, but I'm really grateful she did this for me as a rush job. Maybe I should see her again to tell her I got approved? Or maybe I should do that after I send an application to UCD to make things set in stone. XD
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20 October 2009 @ 10:38 am
YAY. A letter from Rurun! (X  
I got RuRun's letter on Sunday, but due to school and busy work, I didn't find time to scan it until now. @_@

I have always, always, ALWAYS valued handwritten letters since 3rd grade. At that time before I ever discovered the convenience and speed of instant messaging an emails, I sent letter to friends at school. We exchanged cute stationary and stickers, and it was always fun. Even after my 3rd grade friend moved to Colorado, because I could still exchange letters with her, it was still a heartfelt thing to do. I love to write letters by hand.

I stopped eventually because my mom would always say "Why don't you just email!! It doesn't cost stamps!!" when I ask her for some stamps to mail letters. But now I really want to send them, and not just to Rurun. XD <33

In any case... Onto the surprise! It's a cuuuut. 8D

Sharing, not 'cause Gally told me to, but because her post made me want to share, too. XD )
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