23 January 2011 @ 11:24 am
Foggy Day  
The only reason I realized it was foggy today was because somebody on my Facebook list had "holy fog" as his status. I checked outside, and sure enough, it's all gray outside! I should have dressed warmer on the bike ride to church, though. My glasses fogged up.

Today in church, an old man came by and shook my hand after the bread and wine were delivered. He said, "Good to see you again."

I was really happy, because I come to church alone and while I'm all right with saying hello and exchanging blessings with everyone around me, I don't really do much so I don't think I'm someone that's memorable at all. So I was really.. flattered to be remembered. Next time I should go over and shake his hand so he doesn't have to trouble himself with walking so far. His steps are imperfect. He wobbles, but he still crossed from the other section of the small church.

At the end of mass, it was announced that he recently turned 83. That's amazing.

I was just thinking how small things like this in life can really get me, heh. I need to work hard today on my studies to further uplift my spirits.
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