11 December 2014 @ 08:40 am
[Subbed] 061119 SCP Imai Tsubasa Slave of Love  

Lyrics & Translation from megchan.com

I don't know how long I had this sitting on my hard drive, but it was most definitely before 2012. I think I kept forgetting to upload it, but here it is.

Man, this is so nostalgic! It makes me miss the availability of subbed videos back in the day!! I want to bring that golden era back hahahah..
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15 September 2010 @ 03:50 pm
DB #359 081012 Tanihara Shosuke (Eng Subbed)  
I'm leaving for university on Sunday so I wanted to wrap this project up~

I'm a really, really terrible person. XD I finished typesetting this awhile ago, but [livejournal.com profile] eminik handed me the translation for this episode even further back in time. It's my fault for being slow, so I hope she'll forgive me? ^^;

Mediafire 1// 2 // 3

Translation by [livejournal.com profile] eminik 
I'm not good at mentioning highlights, but this was a very fun episode. XD Koichi bullies Kyoko plenty, and I found myself giggling Tsuyo owning sumo bottoms. The guest is hilarious-- I like him. What drama was he in that was featured here?

It's about 500 MB.. Sorry! I compressed it three times in two different ways, but to no avail.. If you can give me pointers on encoding to make it smaller, it would be greatly appreciated! ^^

By the way, [profile] eminik , if you're reading this, go ahead and feel free to repost or whatnot to your journal.. Or if you can encode this better than me, let me know. XD

.. It's about time I have a tag for Kinki Kids. XD

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31 December 2009 @ 09:07 am
[PV] Norazo - Superman (Eng Sub)  
[PV] Norazo - Superman (Eng Sub)

What about Batman?!


Lyrics and Translation from JPopAsia
Someone called this PV satire, but I'm not quite sure if that's the right word to describe this! The PV starts off looking sad, but.. Well, watch and find out! That's the reason I wanted to sub this, after all!

I happened upon Norazo by chance when looking up other artists DJ Ozma covered. I saw the Superman PV and watched it, but I had absolutely no understanding of the Korean language, so I had no idea what was so "funny" about it when I glazed over the comments really quickly. Only after watching a subbed live performance did I finally see through to the AWESOMENESS of this song.

So, here I have subbed Superman, so that all who share a taste in humor similar to mine may enjoy this. ^^
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29 December 2009 @ 01:55 pm
I only know T.M. Revolution because of Gundam Wing.. XD  
(Clip) DJ Ozma LUV-XURY - White Breath

Go watch and find out exactly what they're doing!


Translation by gurakko
White Breath Lyrics from TnM's Lyrics
I saw this clip uploaded by tehsharr on Youtube awhile back, and since the translations were already provided there, I wanted to try my hand at subbing this. I'm still learning and I don't know Japanese so I can't translate, so this is the only practice I can get. I've already sent a message to gurakko a while back, so if she disapproves, she can tell me and I'll remove it. ^^; Until then, please enjoy.

I don't know what kind of background I can give on this. XD This is a clip from DJ Ozma's LUV-XURY DVD. Ozma makes fun of T.M. Revolution, and King is jealous because he gets left out angry because his magic trick is ruined.
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26 July 2008 @ 06:50 pm
Hika subbed again!! Yaaay.  
Well, it was done on a whim 'cause someone wanted it and it wasn't around, so...

Kanjani8 Naniwa Iroha Bushi PV (SUBBED)

It doesn't look like it's subbed here, but it iiiis!

Lyrics from megchan.com with some of the lines taken from [community profile] je_mix_fansubs' subbed Naniwa Iroha Bushi.

Download (Mediafire)!

Uh.. Please get this one instead. *There are lines untranslated*
Download (Mediafire)!

I was just finishing subbing Tsubasa's Get Down when I find a request in [community profile] kanjani8 asking if anyone had the Naniwa Iroha Bushi PV subbed. I didn't even know this song had a PV. [profile] none_neither posted a link to where I could find it raw, so I downloaded it. XD It was in .mpg form so I had to convert it to .avi to sub. o3o

So anyway, thank you everyone for providing me stuff to practice subbing! XD I hope I can get good enough to join a subbing team as a typesetter/timer sometime. (X This is my third try at subbing a PV, with the second one being close to being finished. I stopped that to work on this one because I wanted a speedy release. Some speedy! Took most of the entire day! Because I didn't do anything except time and sub, I hope I put credit everywhere where it was needed. I had to get some lines from je_mix_fansubs' video for this song because megchan.com didn't have some of the lines translated.

I had a lot of problems with this video. For some reason when subbing, ti came out really small so the font I used was tiny and was really blurry. I made the font bigger but I still can't fix the blurriness, but at least it's readable, right? @_@

I also wanted to sub the rap at the end but it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to hear. )X Oh well, I did the best I could. I hope it looks professional (even though some of the Japanese characters do not sync to the song in a line or two because it was too slow, but the romanji is fine, I think!)

I'll say it again. XD I hope I can join a subbing team sometime. |D [profile]
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18 July 2008 @ 02:02 pm
This summer, Hika learned a new skill!  

All I did was encode it. XD I didn't really do anything. =B

Lyrics from tackey-tsubasa.net
Translations by [profile] goro_chan


[profile] futari_fansubs was looking for staff members, and I've been wondering what a timer/typesetter does, since I've been considering about doing that for awhile now. I can't translate Japanese, since I don't know anything about tee language (except for the stuff you pick up from watching enough shows, but that doesn't really count), but I've always been impressed with how fansubbers devote their time to subbing, and I kind of have been wanting to help. After finding out what a timer was, I kind of thought I could maybe do that. Just match text with time. o3o That's probably harder than I think. XD

Anyway, the point is I've been playing around with Aegisub for the past few days and after going through lots of troubles and difficulties, I sort of pulled it off, I think. The Japanese characters aren't in sync sometimes, but overall, I'm happy. XD

I don't know how to encode. I didn't even know the word O_O After subbing T&T's SAMURAI, the file came out to be like, 3.91 GB. O_O WHAT IS THAT. THE ORIGINAL FILE WAS LIKE ONLY 68 MB! I tutorialed it on fansubbers.org and got it down to 151 MB, but I still feel that's too big for a PV. I think I can forgive myself, though, since I'm new to this. O_O; APPARENTLY TIMERS/TYPESETTERS DON'T NEED TO ENCODE AT ALL. -dork- I should have known; there's a separate job for that in a fansub group, now that I think about it. Oh well. I kind of wanted to see the fruits of my labor in action.

I doubt she'd check this or anything, but I feel it to be necessary. [profile] nightly_001 put up with all my newbie questions and trouble shooting, but thank you so much for getting me introduced to (sort-of) subbing! n____________n
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