18 February 2015 @ 11:22 am
Meeting Mino-san  
I met Mino-san in San Francisco on Monday! Mino-san is one of my mutual friends from Twitter. I initially followed her because I loved her art and I thought she was fun, from whatever tweets I was able to read. I didn't know enough Japanese to really speak to her, so I was pretty shy about talking to her. Imagine how shocked I was when she told me she would be visiting California and asked if she could meet me!

At first I told her it would be impossible, since she was visiting the Los Angeles area. When I told her I lived closer to San Francisco, she said she'd fly up there. Q_Q It was a wonderful opportunity I couldn't pass up. I asked Mino-san if my friend JoAnn ([livejournal.com profile] squarebubblex) could join us, and she said yes!


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01 May 2010 @ 10:34 pm
I'm being spoiled!  
I feel really bad when a day goes swell for me, 'cause I wonder why I get to be spoiled like so!

This is seriously long, but there are piiictures! )

That's my Zazu and Simba. n_n It turns out Simba goes for like, $20 and Zazu is about $18 on eBay. It must be really special, too, because it's from the Lion King Broadway! I bet you can only get it if you attend the show and its souvenir booths during intermissions! Wow, they must have spent a lot to get their hands on these. ^^; After that, I spent a good hour or two Youtubing "Lion King" and its Broadway Musical. That was some good nostalgia.

Then I took a look at my horse, 'cause I wondered where it was from. (After all, it had "World famous Lipizzaner Stallions" on it!) It had a website listed on its tag, and I paid a visit. Guess what they are? Horses that dance! On stage! I poked around the site looking to see if they had this stuffed one on sale, and I could only find a 2005 one (I have the 2004). It was sold out on that site. On eBay, there's a 2007 one that's going for $17, so I would think mine should be around that range, if not higher. |D

Isn't it cute? XD Of course I went and Youtube'd these ponies, too. I wanted to see them dance!

In short, I had an awesome haul. I feel really lucky. It's pretty amazing what kind of idea you can get of people's lifestyle just looking at their stuff-- even if it's just stuffed animals. It can say a lot about someone's lifestyle! In this case, I felt these neighbors appreciated the finer arts. They watch stage plays AND buy their souvenirs. That's totally high class!

Then this had to come in the mail..

Granted, I don't have a working DVD player yet, but gah. I really did cave in and buy this, but that's fine! It was a sweet deal and.. and I don't regret this. @_@ I popped it in my computer, and I can only say that having the actual DVD makes the experience of watching this THAT much better. |D

The rest of the night, my family helped out at the church to wash dishes from some banquet that was a fundraiser for the Ghana project it's running, and now every single family member of mine is sore. XD I'm tired and I want to head off to bed now!
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