18 February 2015 @ 11:22 am
Meeting Mino-san  
I met Mino-san in San Francisco on Monday! Mino-san is one of my mutual friends from Twitter. I initially followed her because I loved her art and I thought she was fun, from whatever tweets I was able to read. I didn't know enough Japanese to really speak to her, so I was pretty shy about talking to her. Imagine how shocked I was when she told me she would be visiting California and asked if she could meet me!

At first I told her it would be impossible, since she was visiting the Los Angeles area. When I told her I lived closer to San Francisco, she said she'd fly up there. Q_Q It was a wonderful opportunity I couldn't pass up. I asked Mino-san if my friend JoAnn ([livejournal.com profile] squarebubblex) could join us, and she said yes!


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20 October 2009 @ 10:38 am
YAY. A letter from Rurun! (X  
I got RuRun's letter on Sunday, but due to school and busy work, I didn't find time to scan it until now. @_@

I have always, always, ALWAYS valued handwritten letters since 3rd grade. At that time before I ever discovered the convenience and speed of instant messaging an emails, I sent letter to friends at school. We exchanged cute stationary and stickers, and it was always fun. Even after my 3rd grade friend moved to Colorado, because I could still exchange letters with her, it was still a heartfelt thing to do. I love to write letters by hand.

I stopped eventually because my mom would always say "Why don't you just email!! It doesn't cost stamps!!" when I ask her for some stamps to mail letters. But now I really want to send them, and not just to Rurun. XD <33

In any case... Onto the surprise! It's a cuuuut. 8D

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