18 September 2010 @ 04:14 pm
Another lesson on self growth, I guess. Crying ensues.  
I'm leaving for my apartment to attend university tomorrow. I'm quite excited to be on my own, but I'm a little sad about not being with my loved ones. I know it's no big deal, but still!

My mom had class today, so she took my sister and I to the mall so we could shop around while we waited for her. Even though I was at the same mall on Thursday, it's a lot more fun with my sister. We found some good sales, still, and we still busted the money we had in reserve for shopping. XD

After that, we stopped by our old home to take a look at the renovations. It's looking good. I think we might sell it, if we decide not to rent it out.

Now we're at grandma's with my uncle and his wife and two children. Both are currently taking a nap.

Yet why do I feel sad? )
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11 December 2009 @ 08:03 pm
Hmm, I could've sworn I had it.  
Today, my friend/classmate from my Bio and chem class asked me what my take on global warming was. I thought she'd be a supporter, so I basically said that I believed it was happening. After she told me she didn't know what to believe, I was interested in her say. We just basically had a talk, and she gave reasons for her skepticism, which I could understand. She only wanted to bring it up because she volunteers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and there was going to be an exhibition on global warming sometime next year, so the aquarium had the volunteers and such divide up into two groups into those who supported it and those who didn't. I guess it left her shaken up a bit, because she didn't why that division was needed, since the volunteers were all there because they were united by a love of animals.

Well, after hearing her standpoint, I went through my LJ in search of that one entry I wrote where I was ranting about global warming. I can't seem to find t! I wanted to find out if I was being harsh or dogmatic over the subject.. I had a feeling I was, but that might not be the case.. I remember writing how I thought it was okay if people who don't believe in it just don't know about it enough, as long as they weren't like, "NO IT'S TOTALLY WRONG SCIENTISTS MADE IT UP TO GET MONEY." I also remember writing about how you don't need to like/know Al Gore to recycle and such. Conserving energy and all that other good stuff isn't bad practice in any case! That's all I remember writing about.. I can't remember if I was a jerk or not about it. I even clicked "SHOW ALL ENTRIES". To my surprise, I don't have ANYTHING under my global warming tag! WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT THEN?! I don't private lock any entries, so I don't know why it wouldn't show up. Maybe I'll do a thorough check again?

It's like that personality thing I read somewhere.. Being unbiased is my enemy. I can't appeal to both sides, but some idealistic view of mine makes me want to try. I guess right now I want to see if.. I might have said anything hurtful? The truth? Something like that. I wanted to find another personal thing to watch out for and fix.

Afterwards, before she had to go, she told me it was especially tough for her because she's Republican. I told her I was one, too. Here in California, it sure is rare to meet a Republican! I felt a.. good connection when I found out she was one, I guess. Not because OH LOL SAME PARTY, but because in terms of politics of personal views, I dislike talking about them with others because, chances are, my view is totally different from everyone's. That's fine and all. I respect everybody's opinion. It's only tough when classes like civics want to separate the class into who does or doesn't support a cause! Being the only one on one side is tough. XD

I'm so tired out from having tests and such before my real finals, which start on Monday. I don't want to complain because everyone has finals too, but I am tired of test taking! Today was my calculus test retake day, and dang, I forgot what a beast the test I chose to redo was! Now I'm unsure on whether or not this time around was improved or not. XD Math study session tomorrow, on a Saturday. Boo.
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14 October 2009 @ 11:07 am
Chicken Little only has to be right once (Weird fortune cookie fortune)  

Well, my chemistry class got cancelled and I have some time before the next class.. I meant to write about this yesterday because I'd really rather have events in my life written on the day they happened, but yesterday, there was some kind of storm in Morgan Hill.

I only cut because I know it gets long. XD )
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06 February 2009 @ 08:11 am
Global Warming Goons (The people who don't believe in it, not the people who do!)  
Just a forewarning, this is a ramble. XD I'll try to keep it short but I usually have difficulties doing so. I talk too much. )X

It aggravates me that some people don't care about global warming. I understand if they don't understand how it works, therefore they aren't completely aware of what's happening with the world, but when they have to go and make broad statements of how it's something scientists made up, that's what gets me. If you make that claim, where is you basis for that? If you give falsified information to back up that statement, that's fine if that's what you really thought. Just be prepared to be corrected (by anyone who has seen the news).

This started off on a forum about a complaint about how the "globe" doesn't seem to be "warming" with such drastic temperature changes in the climate. (The girl showed the forecast for the next few days in her area where the temperature was around 25 degrees to 70 degrees). She then claimed it was "global-can't-make-up-its-mind". I had to comment and say that it's BECAUSE of global warming that the temperature changes are so drastic. Global warming doesn't really cause hot temperatures. It will actually freeze the earth over.

It would have been fine to leave it at just that, but then someone had to go and say this:
"I honestly think global warming is just something the media has stuck out there for publicity. It's more of a natural cause than anything with these temp changes and what not."

Publicity or not, don't you think it's SOMETHING people should be concerned about, anyway? Well, I know some people don't care because it's their grandkids' problem, but.. it wouldn't help to make efficient use of our energy. It wouldn't hurt anyone to recycle or turn off the lights when you're not using them. Even if you're not an all-green person, every little bit helps. It really adds up.

Not too long for you? There's more if you're up for it. XD )

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