14 August 2017 @ 12:26 pm
[Journeys in Japan] 2016.08.14 Roppongi Hills + One Piece Tower  
Facebook's "On this day" informed me it's been exactly a year since my friends and I went to Japan in the summer. I never took the time to write about my trip and as this year's summer draws to a close, I thought I should try and write about it. I had a really great time in Japan and I don't want to forget it. Looking at the photos Facebook showed me taken a year ago today, I've already begun to feel like I've forgotten what went on, so I better get to it!

8/14 was the second to last day of our two week stay in Japan. I'm starting with this day and will try to move forward with the days and then backtrack. So many things happened on each day that I feel each can have their own theme anyway!
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