13 February 2011 @ 09:19 pm
I had an incredibly tiring, event-filled, fun weekend.  
The Pokemon B/W Tour was here in SJ !! I went on both days, much to everyone's (including my own) surprise. Sunday's visit was totally last minute and decided on the fly.
Pokemon B/W Tour @ Oakridge !! ) 
I think it was more fun on Sunday! Saturday was really tiring, but being with my family and doing everything together really made it feel like a special event. My parents are sooo funny. When I bought Snivy, they noticed Pikachu was out of stock. On the way to the parking lot my mom was wondering why anyone would even buy Pikachu-- he's so old! Then mom and dad, who were trailing behind me and my sister, were discussing about how there were so many children who were into Pokemon-- a franchise that's been around before they were born. They're growing up not knowing the original 150 like we did.

On other non-Pokemon related news...

After we returned from the Pokemon B/W Tour on Saturday, we had a huge family reunion dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a 7 course meal for Chinese New Year. I was pretty disappointed that I could still eat more at the end, though. XD My sister got to dress up all nice and pretty, so I'm glad for her. I finally got to see my childhood friend and discuss a little about school with her and.. I was the last winner for the raffle that only adults could answer! (My cousin's cousin was totally telling me the raffle was for adults, and I had to restate that I was 20.) My name was being pronounced wrong by the announcers, but I corrected them when I went up. The prize was a SuperLotto Plus ticket that didn't win me anything, though. But hey, it's winning the raffle that's fun!

When I got back to my apartment, I got some incoming packages. ^^; That's always fun!

Oooh, and my sister drew me a super wonderful picture of my deaaarrr Ted from Suikoden I/IV. I always liked him for some reason-- even though he was absent after a few minutes into the first game. XD He's definitely ranked at one of the slots at the veerrry top of my favorites in my mind! I didn't know if I should share it or not, 'cause it's her art, BUT HECK IT'S MY EARLY BDAY PRESENT AND I WISH TO SHARE IT BECAUSE I LOVE IT (and my sister) SO.

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29 January 2011 @ 11:52 pm
B-ball again !!  
My parents came to visit me today! My mom just really brought me some stuff I said I'd like for her to bring along if she came. We picked up a large Hawaiian and Ham pizza from Little Caesar's, then I took my sister with me to the basketball game that was going on tonight. This time, a drawstring bag was being given away! I wanted one of those! I also got the T-shirt I've been wondering where everyone was getting. Apparently I was supposed to receive it in my first game, but I never did. I also was able to contact the girl who found my Pokewalker at this point. ^^ I should get it back on Monday.

The game was really intense. We were up against UCI this time, and the game prolonged into two over times, so the scores were really, really close. I believe the end result was something like 108-106? We won in the last few seconds. What happened was that when UCI made the shot, the crowd let out a huge groan because it looked like it was over for us. That must have been when UCI's team let their guard down, because one of our guys threw the basketball across the court to another one of our guys, who made the basket and brought us up ahead with 2 seconds left in the game. UCI tried to make a long shot in those 2 seconds, but it didn't happen. I'm soooo happy for us. I supported our team to the end, and so did everyone else! When we won, almost everyone in the stands ran towards our players. Screams and shouts, it was great. It was sad to see UCI's team just leave, though. I feel even worse that one of their best players seriously cramped up near the end of the game. I didn't want something bad to happen. I don't try to dwell on it too much, because it's reality. I know basketball teams have seen worse, and are probably used to common occurrences such as that.

I don't mean to blog a lot-- but since I'm away from my family and my sister no longer does Facebook or dA, I want to keep 'em updated with what's happening.. and it's fun to look back on fun times in the future! This is to make up for my long periods of absence.

Oh, a bunch of my packages came today. XD Everything I've been waiting for! Fuuun. It's like Christmas. I wish they could have spread out a little so I could be happy about it in small bouts!

I realized all the icons on my journal entries never change. While I like my default lots, I think variety is a nice spice. I just forget to switch things up sometimes!
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27 January 2011 @ 09:47 pm
Midterm, then fun!  
I had my genetics midterm today. I was feeling okay-pretty good about it and took my time with the test, but when 10 minutes were left, I started second guessing myself and everything! I did catch a question where I misread something, but what if there were others? I didn't have enough time to get to it!

After that midterm was done I decided to go to the basketball game tonight! First 800 fans get a T-shirt! This is the second time I've done this-- it would have been third if I had remembered there was a game last week, too. I want free T-shirts with my school's name on it! It was UCD vs UCR, and it must be pretty big 'cause it was being televised on channel Fox40! I told my daddy about it and he said he'd watch, but I don't think he did. Anyway, while standing in line, some people were telling us to look excited when the camera comes, so I did! The gorilla or something was the main face for this game for some reason, so some sponsors were holding gorilla stuffed animals. I was looking all excited and then one of the girls gave me the green gorilla stufftie. I don't know why, but I was soooo happy! I felt really lucky 'cause she didn't give it to anyone else in that entire section of that line. Later, they threw a few out mid-game. I'm thinking she gave me the green one to match with my green jacket. XD

Anyway, the game was really fun! I actually stayed the whole time. Everyone must have been pumped or something because the whole crowd stood the entire time.. I wanted to sit, but I didn't want to be a downer so I stood with everyone else.. It was an amazing game. I was worried 'cause last time I went ot a game, we lost, and UCR's team looked like they were really good. Like, their players were buff with tattoos and everything. This one guy had some face mask on for who knows what. It's a funny contrast, but UCR's team was, for lack of a better word, all black. From their dark uniforms to their black guys, it was totally on the other side of the spectrum in comparison to UCD's white guys, complete with white uniforms.

In any case, I'm starting to become a real fan of our basketball team! I'm going again on Saturday to try and get a free drawstring bag. @_@

I lost my Pokewalker on the way back.. I realized this when I walked some ways, then decided if I should give up on it or run back and ask for it. I decided on the latter. I ran there and had to knock and let the people know I lost something to get in. I looked around the stands to no avail, then asked the students who were part of this staff thing. Maybe it was ASB? I said I lost a Pokewalker, and two of them mentions J found something like that. Unfortunately, J just left. So I gave them my number or something. I hope J calls back! I'm waiting until then. ^^;

Well, the water in my apartment will be shut down tomorrow for maintenance, so I'd better wash up now!
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29 September 2010 @ 12:22 pm
Even when it's not true, I love being called a genius!  

The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test

Yeah, I should have better things to do than this, but I was interested. XD It was fun to take. True or not, it makes me incredibly happy~ Like, in the sense that, hey, it's all right if I prefer to be alone most of the time because the reason for that ISN'T 'cause I'm a social outcast! I kind of laughed when I read the cars bit, because automatically in my mind, I went "Koichi = dork". Though I guess the sentence that came after that bit kind of justified any nerds interested in that stuff. e_e

Here's my result! )

I hope the tomato seeds I salvaged from the tomato I cut up yesterday grow! I put them in a sort-of plastic bottle and lined them on a paper towel pressed against the wall of the plastic bottle. It's not exactly hydroponics, but I'm hopeful... I want to grow some plants while I'm here at university. ^^;

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05 July 2010 @ 05:03 pm
Lured in joining a trip planned at the last minute!  
I went deep sea fishing!

Will you take the bait of an extended version? )

In short, I went on a boat that went around various spots in the Pacific Ocean around the Monterey Bay. We went far enough so as to be completely surrounded by water with no land or buildings in sight. The painful parts of this trip included getting up at 5, the cold AM, and possible seasickness. There was also traffic on the way home. I did manage to catch some fish, and I am definitely happy about that! 

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