13 April 2014 @ 09:08 pm
LA Kpop Festival 2014  

I attended my first ever concert, LA Kpop Festival 2014!

I went down there with my Inspirit cousin along with her brother and father. I was waiting to meet up with another cousin of mine who had a spare ticket for me since I wasn’t able to get one. (They were free, so naturally they were unavailable online when I tried to get some.)

Right outside the gate where my two cousins entered to go find their seats, an elderly man handed me three tickets, asking if I wanted them. “What, really? Are you sure?” I asked, but he only responded “Gift!” What a surprise, and here this whole time my ability to attend had been up in the air! I wanted to give away the extra ticket, but by that point it seems everyone had tickets…

The tickets I got were at the bottom rows, directly in front of the stage behind the pit. What a surprise at how good the tickets were! I texted my family about the news, to which they responded, “It’s a trap.”

The coliseum was so huge! 93,000 were expected to attend, so I’ve been anxious all week fearing the worst that could happen, like a stampede or something. Nope, that didn’t happen. Whew!

It was pretty fun. I got to see CNBlue, 2 PM, SHINee, and of courrseeee, Infinite! Ah, and Dynamic Duo,

I’m sorry everyone, I’m a noisy fan. I tried to be very conscious about what would be proper etiquette but with my die-hard cousin next to me, I lost my place and cheered with her. But seriously, when 2 PM’s “Put Your Hands Up” plays, what am I to do but?

This morning we stopped by New Port restaurant to eat the best lobster I have ever had.

And that’s all I’ve got to report, it seems!

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10 April 2012 @ 07:06 pm
I'm a socializing beast.  
Man, burgers are my favorite food but I don't want anymore. Sometimes I just don't have enough time between classes for a real meal time so I just buy like whatever burger $1 can get me. I just don't want to eat anymore for the time being, but it's still my favorite food. Just the thought of them is nice.

But yeah I got another when I hung out with my friend for a bit yesterday. He was buying some gyro and because he was going to eat, I didn't want him to feel all awkward by being the only one eating so I went and bought a burger. He said I should try the gyro but I said no thanks, it's too expensive! I'm not about to pay $6 to eat when I didn't want much.

Later that night I went to a transfer student pizza mixer! I went to one last year for the free pizza, and I did the same yesterday! I probably met like, 8-10 people over the course of 3 hours or so. I was hanging out at this table with 2 other girls and a guy, and some hours in, this guy comes over with a paper slip with a few survey questions and starts talking to the guy at our table. Everyone at my table already filled it out and turned it in (It's an entry for a raffle), so when I saw that I said, "Oh, we can sign it for you--"

"No. No. Girls are invisible to me right now."

Wow, uh. Way to approach people. He was talking to the guy at our table for a bit, and after he left, the guy just set the paper aside. I don't think he wanted to fill it out after that kind of treatment. Or maybe he didn't want more competition for the raffle.

I stayed until the end again. I didn't think I would hang around that long after the people I managed to get acquainted with left, but I saw a few girls I hung out with at the exact same event last year! One was helping out with the event, and another brought her housemate along with her. It was interesting to talk about school and all, because we were first year transfers last year. We were all uncertain about everything. I know for sure that this time I spoke with total confidence about what I planned to do. Last year I kept talking about how hopeless it was for me, with such a low GPA. The girl who brought her housemate was telling me how they became best friends within a year. I remembered her telling me the year before how they never spoke, despite living under the same roof!

When I got back at 9:30 PM, I just drew a bit then went to bed.

Miyasako from the JPN manzai duo, Ameagari Kesshitai! I actually don't know much about them, and I can easily say the same about other comedians, too. Anything I know comes from the shows I watch where they appear. I kind of like Miyasako quite a bit, though. He was funny in the dance-off vs. Gaki no Tsukai (which doesn't appear to be on Youtube anymore..) and I like him in Lincoln and Ameagari's show, Ame-talk. I was watching this episode of Lincoln two days ago and I just found it HILARIOUS when he had to say "I'm sorry that I'm arrogant despite being an idiot." I liked that he stammered when saying "Baka," because I figure that must be hard for him to admit, being a narcissist and all. =P

That said, I like Hotohara a lot, too. So I can definitely say I like Ameagari as a whole!

Rozan's Ujihara! He had a bad first impression for me when I saw him on DERO going up against Tackey&Tsubasa and Kanjani8's Subaru and Shingo. I thought he was obnoxious-- and didn't realize he was a comedian. I saw him again when I watched Ame-talk about celebrities who can't draw. It was hilarious, as I'm used to seeing Johnny's who can't draw, but it's pretty funny to see others who can't, either. But yeah, a comedian with a law degree and high IQ. I like that. And his sleepy looking eyes. I realize I should have given him more wrinkles, but I totally couldn't get it to work. ^^a

Todaaay I just went to class and office hours. That was like 5 hours of straight classes and not eating anything! It started to rain, too. I hope it lets up by Thursday because I don't want to have to drive the tractor in rain. I'd rather have the class canceled in that case!

I'll try to get some reading done before I retire, hopefully, early. My internship starts tomorrow. I'm really nervous but I hope I make it there on time and things turn out swell. I hope they like me and that I don't get hungry while on my shift!
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13 February 2011 @ 09:19 pm
I had an incredibly tiring, event-filled, fun weekend.  
The Pokemon B/W Tour was here in SJ !! I went on both days, much to everyone's (including my own) surprise. Sunday's visit was totally last minute and decided on the fly.
Pokemon B/W Tour @ Oakridge !! ) 
I think it was more fun on Sunday! Saturday was really tiring, but being with my family and doing everything together really made it feel like a special event. My parents are sooo funny. When I bought Snivy, they noticed Pikachu was out of stock. On the way to the parking lot my mom was wondering why anyone would even buy Pikachu-- he's so old! Then mom and dad, who were trailing behind me and my sister, were discussing about how there were so many children who were into Pokemon-- a franchise that's been around before they were born. They're growing up not knowing the original 150 like we did.

On other non-Pokemon related news...

After we returned from the Pokemon B/W Tour on Saturday, we had a huge family reunion dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a 7 course meal for Chinese New Year. I was pretty disappointed that I could still eat more at the end, though. XD My sister got to dress up all nice and pretty, so I'm glad for her. I finally got to see my childhood friend and discuss a little about school with her and.. I was the last winner for the raffle that only adults could answer! (My cousin's cousin was totally telling me the raffle was for adults, and I had to restate that I was 20.) My name was being pronounced wrong by the announcers, but I corrected them when I went up. The prize was a SuperLotto Plus ticket that didn't win me anything, though. But hey, it's winning the raffle that's fun!

When I got back to my apartment, I got some incoming packages. ^^; That's always fun!

Oooh, and my sister drew me a super wonderful picture of my deaaarrr Ted from Suikoden I/IV. I always liked him for some reason-- even though he was absent after a few minutes into the first game. XD He's definitely ranked at one of the slots at the veerrry top of my favorites in my mind! I didn't know if I should share it or not, 'cause it's her art, BUT HECK IT'S MY EARLY BDAY PRESENT AND I WISH TO SHARE IT BECAUSE I LOVE IT (and my sister) SO.

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06 February 2011 @ 10:08 pm
In reality I didn't do THAT much today.  
Here's stuff about life )

Oooh, guys, guess what I just found out about?

I SO need to go home this weekend! I'm already looking for carpools back to SJ. XD I was wondering what everyone at [livejournal.com profile] pkmncollectors was up about !! I had to go and Google it. Now I'm just spreading the word around so potential fans don't miss out on a fun event. I know I'd be devastated if it happened at a mall 30 minutes away from me and I didn't know about it! Check out pictures here and here! It looks like a really fun event. Go for the free stuff, at the very least! I think my sister will hate me if I wore my Ash cap and brought my Pikachu plush. XDD

On one final note, I'll finish up with this!
'cause you know, sometimes bandwagons are fun to join in, even though you don't really care for the true results!

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