17 October 2015 @ 10:13 pm
Tsubasa's birthday *^^*  
My scanner is working again!! For the month of October, there is art challenge called Inktober where one tries to draw something everyday using ink. I participated last year and I guess so far I am doing okay this year. I hadn't originally intended to participate since I've been so busy with school, but I am trying to set aside at least one hour a day to draw to unwind. Aaand, somehow I've been able to do it.

I also intended to draw only with black ink as I did last year due to interest of time, but some days ago, I saw another fellow artist color her pictures beautifully with pen. It reminded me that I have some colored pens I stashed away since the 5th grade! I thought I should try to use them up, since they weren't great pens or anything like that and I wanted to get rid of them. So since, I have been trying to do colored works, which was also unexpected on my part. Man, this month is just making me do the unexpected! It's an interesting challenge I set forth for myself.

Um, anyway!! Because it's Tsubasa's birthday, I went ahead and drew him. ^^a My wish is for him to always be happy and have something to smile about. His smile is my sunshine. ^^

.. Really!! If it weren't for Tsubasa, I would not have been drawing as much as I do now or trying new things with both art and life. I am able to be brave because he is brave, so.. yeah.. The usual "this is my idol" insert lines.  ^^;;

Ah, I'm talking so much. The reason for my opening statement was because I just wanted to say how happy I am that I don't have to deal with crappy phone photos of my doodles, but I know what you're thinking: just post the art and go already, Hika!

This one was for @J_1Draw on twitter. ^^

For some reason, writing this entry makes me feel like confessing things. -laugh- I actually get so nervous every time I draw these in pen! I don't use whiteout (because I want to avoid being too much of a perfectionist, again, due to interest of time) so I'm always scared when I start putting pen to paper. Sometimes I don't even have a proper pencil sketch before I start working. When I make a mistake and miss a stroke, I feel like dying. XDa So you can imagine the stress levels when I'm doing something like inking a drawing of Tsubasa !! (But I do it anyway, I'm crazy!)
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26 May 2013 @ 10:27 pm
 It's been awhile! I just finished a picture I took awhile to finish and I wanted to go ahead and update with a small art dump while I'm at it. I've been really obsessed with the manga, One Punch Man drawn by Murata Yusuke. It's hilarious, and I highly recommend it. I drew Genos in a suit!

Spaaaam )
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31 October 2012 @ 11:50 pm
Happy Halloween!  
Just something done really quick while trick-or-treaters were visiting my house. ^^ TakkiTsu with the hats and neckpillows that Yamapi gave them at their 10th anniversary concert.

There was a small earthquake last night and I'm really worried... Every time it happens lately, my life passes before my eyes. I'm more scared about being unable to protect my family more than a natural disaster itself, I think. I'll try to seriously get that disaster kit together tomorrow so I don't have to be so scared every time something like this happens. I just hope it won't be too late!
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17 October 2012 @ 11:56 pm
Happy birthday to Tsubasa~  
omg I have to go to bed now
11 February 2012 @ 12:59 am


So yes, I do look annoyed.
See what others are wearing!
I just finished this for a contest on Tinierme and thought I'd share it. ^^

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01 June 2011 @ 12:08 pm
Wow, it's drizzling right now.. a complete 180 degrees from the sunny sky present this morning! Crazy how fast the weather can change within a short time..

My friend W made my morning by saying that the last biochem class was today. Biochem is the only class I have on Friday, so if that's done, I have a free Friday! I could go home Thursday, but the train wouldn't take me home until midnight, if I left at 8 PM. I'll decide on that later.

So, as expected of a last class, you'd think there would be people who don't show up, right? The powerpoint lecture we were looking at wasn't going to be uploaded on the course website, I guess, 'cause a girl asked the professor if he'd put it online. He then asked if we wanted to, because he planned not to so people who attended class would be at an advantage.

I think even after all that, the class seemed like they still wanted him to put it up, but then the TA (Who I believe, from her overseeing my testing section and her mannerism when I talk to her, is a real bitch) spoke, saying "If I were you guys I wouldn't want it uploaded so everyone here would have an advantage."

My Animal Behavior class is having its final tomorrow. I have no idea how to study from this, because judging from the last two exams I took that didn't end so hot, no high level of critical thinking is going to help me, even though the professor said the class was designed for that. All the multiple choice questions really blow, but not as much as the true/false portion. You have to put a reason why a question is false if you think it's false. On a level where this allows the only "free response" and is what I think the ONLY critical thinking portion of the class, even if you have a good reason and basis for why you think a statement was false, (be it too strong, too general, etc.), if the answer key says true than your argument basically got you no points.

I am very unhappy with this class, and it's not because I'm not an avid animal lover. This class will disappoint animal enthusiasts. I really don't recommend it if you attend the same university I do...

Speaking of which, I drew this  when I thought about that class.

Sometimes I feel cool because my posture looks all relaxed when I'm sitting in class, but then I probably look really stupid in actuality! I hate those moments in class where I'm really tired and I just want to close my eyes for a bit, but then because I sit at the very front, I wonder if the professor thinks I've fallen asleep when I'm still listening to every word he or she says!

Should I go ahead and share this too, since I'm at it?

I wasn't going to post so soon again, but I thought I'd update again with my life for those who care. I mean, I'm interested in people's lives, so.. Maybe someone must feel the same for me? Hahah.

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