18 May 2017 @ 10:30 pm
*dusts cobwebs* PUT YOUR BALLS IN THE AIR  
I've taken a severely long break from fandom for a while (and have made the permanent decision to leave Tumblr forever), which has had... interesting effects. For one thing, I have had a lot more time to write the things I want to write (all of them are around terrible taboo subjects, though...), my grades have been doing well, and work hasn't been so rough. So hey. Unfortunately now I have student council work to add to my academics, and I'll be spending all summer working in a high school, so uhhhhh. Hooray experience?

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Anyway, my skill in translating Japanese has gotten pretty rusty, so please request any TOKIO song you might want translated so I can practise things before Tomo's drama comes out. ^_^ You can also send news articles and such my way, but just TOKIO-related stuff, if only because uh... well. TOKIO.
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09 May 2017 @ 07:34 pm

TAKATSU KING is doing COLLABORATION with Morinaga and they release their first PV titled OTTOTTO
They release this PV on official youtube account of Morinaga, but only Japan IP can acces the video,
so I am uploading this to my Gdrive, in case any of you are too busy to change VPN and stuff.
The song is so catchy and the dance is so fun
too bad it's only a short video!! we need making and full song!! www (*^*)

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This post won't be lock until further notice

The next PV will be release at 5/12
song title : Okasan e by TAKATSU-KIDS
(I still don't know what TAKATSU-KIDS consist of, but can't wait for the next song!!)
for more info related to this collabo, please go to : 
Official website HERE
Morinaga twitter HERE

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09 May 2017 @ 05:20 pm
170504 Ogen-san to Isshou  
here I am sharing the full video of 1Hr music program mc-ed by Ogen-san (Hoshino Gen)

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and ENJOY ^^~
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