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Hika ([personal profile] hikarii) wrote on January 21st, 2017 at 10:50 pm
Castle Escape Room + Chill session with friends
I noticed I have a lot of dead images in the past few posts about my travels O_O Yow, I should get that fixed soon, and I mean soon not put-off soon. I have a few days of my break left before school starts. I don't know what to expect this semester and I'm really scared.. I'm starting my Master's Project and though it's a one unit class, I'm told it requires lots of time and work, more than a regular 3 unit class. I lightened my load to be below what classifies as a full time student to prepare, but my schedule looks so bare I'm wondering if I'm going too easy on myself..

But what I really wanted to write about today was events from last weekend! Three other friends and I bought a Groupon together to do a Castle Escape game. My friend Helen has done it a few times, but for the other three including me it was going to be a brand new experience. We wanted to see how we would work as a team. The place we went to wasn't exactly decked out as amazingly as the ones Helen had been to, but it was still fun for us first-timers. I noticed that our friend Jessica was really jumpy at anything scary! I had previously wanted to do a scary-themed one, but the way Jessica got spooked over nothing made me realize that's a no-go for future escape game plans. Both Jessica and Helen overthink things, and for this escape game, there were a lot of red herrings that they spend time on trying to figure out the meaning of the puzzle. As for me, I seem to resort to brute force when I can't open anything! Locked chests, hidden compartments... I would try to forcibly open them. XD It wasn't a bad thing since we got a hold of some key items that way.. We made it out but we had to ask for help twice. We took a pic after but I haven't seen it uploaded on their website yet!

After that we returned to base and wrote a letter to our friend in the next state over. We took turns writing it so it will probably be very confusing for her. XD We decided to have dinner at a new restaurant called Sizzle Spot that opened up nearby. They serve Japanese-Vietnamese food fusion which sounded very unique to me so I really wanted to try it. It was REALLY good in my opinion. They did mess up Helen's order but she still had a good time. I'd like to come back with my family sometime too!

When we finished dinner we returned to play card games: BS (I won) and blackjack since I was talking about casinos. We finished the rest of our hangout session talking about SAD ADULT LIFE RESPONSIBILITIES and then went home since everyone was tired and also down with the flu. Except me. I've been surrounded with sick family members and friends that I'm terribly worried I'll catch something! As of now, I SEEM to be okay!

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