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Hika ([personal profile] hikarii) wrote on April 23rd, 2016 at 09:07 am
Short weekend in Portland/Seatle
Breakfast at IHOP, since we were starving upon our arrival into PDX at 8 AM. We hit the road, making our way towards the city's highest bridge.

We headed straight for southern Portland to check out the Air Tram, thinking we'd start our trip with an aerial view of the city. I could see a lot of the bridges that connected Portland and Mt. St. Helen. 

Afterwards we headed for Downtown Portland where we stopped by the Alder Street Food Cart Pods. I had read that Portland is very famous for its food carts that run throughout an entire block. I got a Spanish Seafood Paella from a Morrocan stall and my dad and I had the most delicious deep fried soft-shelled crab. It was very tasty!

Alder Street Food Cart Pods

We tried to visit Powell's City of Books but parking was impossible in downtown so we headed to the Pearl District. I found a Blick store by accident and bought a Canson Fanboy Comic/Manga Illustration pad, hoping it will be compatible with my copic markers.

Since it was nearby, we visited Salt & Straw for some ice cream in the Nob Hill district. I sample weird sounded flavors like "Pear and Blue Cheese" and "xxxx olive oil" expecting the worst but they were surprisingly very delicious!! I went with the salted caramel single scoop with their waffle cone freshly made in house. It was definitely the best ice cream I have ever had.. I took a walk around the neighborhood after. There were many quaint and interesting boutiques that I really liked browsing through. In fact, it made me want to go shopping so we headed for the Lloyd Center in Lloyd District!

On Friday, I had breakfast at the hotel we were staying at and tried their skillet cookie. Dang, that was so sweet. It's pricey but I loved every bit of it! I had dinner at Olive Garden and then explored Downtown Lake Oswego. I checked out the Gallery Without Walls and walked along its quaint lakeside path. It's a very quiet and laid back town.

Dang, every time I look at this again, I start thinking about how good it was!
Mmm. Skillet cookie!

Early Saturday morning, we made the drive for Multnomah Falls before making our three hour drive to Seattle. Once there, we took a stroll around Seattle Center and went up the Space Needle for a breathtaking view.

Multnomah Falls

The famous Space Needle

Dad and I ready to go up that Space Needle!

After that we checked out the incredibly crowded Pike Place Market and had a quick lunch there. We took an equally quick visit to the Seattle Stadium by my dad's request and made a drive across the lake and Mercer Island to see the city of Bellavue.

Pike Place. Crowded!

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Company International HQ building was closed, voiding my reason for wanting to visit the city, but Bellavue was very pretty and upscale. We found from an Internet search that it's actually rank #2 as the best city to live in the USA.

We headed for the hotel after that. I tried Eb & Bean's yoghurt and ate some Jimmy John's subs. Those were the freshest sandwiches I ever had and I highly recommend them.

And that's it for a quick end of Spring break trip to Portland, OR. Now to get rolling with school again...

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