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Hika ([personal profile] hikarii) wrote on August 20th, 2015 at 08:25 am
2015 Summer of Playzone
I've been meaning to marathon Playzone for some time now to make sure I watch EVERYTHING, since there were things I pretty much denied myself due to school at the time. That is to say, I didn't REALLY start marathoning, but.. 

I was watching Playzone 2014's disc 2 at first, and switching back to 2010.. Dang!! It's really something to see how the boys have grown up within those 4 years of performing together. In PZ'14, we can see Tsubasa talking about how he's the troupe leader and see him discussing dance numbers with the other boys. He says things like, "Think about your roles when performing this." Honestly, if I was told that, I'd be terrified! Like, what role?! I know that that way, the boys are assigned responsibilities for what they want to perform, but that's some huge pressure in my opinion. XD

I'm watching 2010 and you can just sense how worried and unsure Tsubasa was then in taking part in Playzone. I could feel my tears well up, knowing how much more confident he's become now. I'm so proud of him, and I'm so happy to see how much all the seniors praise him!! AND THEN WHEN MATCHY CAME AND SAID TSUBASA WAS REALLY HUMBLE AND THAT HE WONDERED WHAT TSUBASA WAS WORRIED ABOUT.. AND THAT NO ONE HAS TO WORRY ABOUT TSUBASA ANYMORE.. I could cry!! I've lost count of how many times I could hear Tsubasa saying "arigatou gozaimasu" to all the seniors who came to see him. He's so earnest. I'm completely floored with admiration for him.

Actually, if I didn't cry then, I DEFINITELY DID WHEN MATCHY SUDDENLY APPEARED AT THE LAST SHOW and told the audience how before the shows Tsubasa had given him a call asking for advice. I remember reading about this and kind of forgot since, but seeing it now I can better understand the amount of pressure Tsubasa felt. That just makes me happier that Tsubasa has become so much stronger, for himself and for everyone.. and he shows it, especially since he's had the position as chairman for Playzone. 

ANYWAY, it was SOOO funny! I love JE! Everyone's so hilarious!! I love how some of the special guests come on stage like they're there to audition. I LOVE when Uekusa came and said he was the theater's owner (Is this a reference to SHOCK? Was SHOCK ever performed at this theater?) and wanted to audition!! AND THEN HE STARTED DANCING TO DIAMOND EYES!! AND THEN MESSED UP!? YARA WAS SO CUTE. He noticed and started playing along before Uekusa yelled STOP!!! I laughed so much at that.. Everyone loves good senpai/kouhai relationships, and I am no different. 

Other things:
-When Higashiyama said his and Uekusa's pictures shown as a montage on the screen made it seem like they were dead. XD
-Yara rehearsing and Higashiyama watching him. So cute XD
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