16 August 2017 @ 10:12 am
[Journeys in Japan] 2016.08.03 Day 1 - Odaiba, Shibuya + Akihabara  
Facebook's "On this day" informed me it's been exactly a year since my friends and I went to Japan in the summer. I never took the time to write about my trip and as this year's summer draws to a close, I thought I should try and write about it. I had a really great time in Japan and I don't want to forget it. Looking at the photos Facebook showed me taken a year ago today, I've already begun to feel like I've forgotten what went on, so I better get to it!

I've started this entry a few times, but we did so much on our first day that it was a lot to remember and write about! I just didn't have the time. Today, I made sure to finish it once and for all! From here on, I will post the days in order up until our final day in Japan.

Without further ado, the entry for the OFFICIAL DAY 1 IN JAPAN!!

We got on a few trains that took us to Odaiba where went to Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty. This was a place one of my friends has always wanted to go to in place of another Hello Kitty themed place that closed down when she was in Japan the last time.

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I ordered a cheesecake 'cause I'm craving sweets. Look at the cute kitty art!!

We had to leave to catch the train to Asakusa. After a certain time the trains wouldn't run anymore. We dropped into our bunks to get ready for day 2 at Tokyo Disney Sea!